Seattle Seahawks barely beat St. Louis Rams, and people tweeted about it

I don’t have time to say anything interesting, as bed time approaches and I need to season some pork, which is most definitely not a euphemism for some self-inflicted sexual act. I also need to get away because when games like this happen my feet and hands get extremely cold and shaky. I don’t know what the last part means, but here are the tweets.





1st Quarter


First play from the Rams offense looked like Kellen Clemens having no open receivers, Seahawks getting penetration.


First down Rams.


Rams incomplete pass brings on fourth down, and the end of the Rams first drive. Seahawks got great penetration, Clemens stepped up into the pocket, and Earl Thomas broke up the pass. Punt mishandled by Golden Tate, but out of bounds.


In the Rams first drive they false started, in the Seahawks first drive they were called for encroachment. Then a Rams penalty gives the Seahawks a first down and more breathing room.


Wilson sacked to end the Seahawks first drive. A drive that never really got started.


Brandon Browner makes a hit that would make Kam Chancellor proud.


Next play Clemens throws a long pass to Austin Pettis.


K.J. Wright blows up a screen play in the redzone.

Greg Zuerlein‘s 33 yard field goal attempt is good. Rams lead 3-0.


Seahawks drive ends after a J.R. Sweezy hold negates a 17 yard Marshawn Lynch run, and the Seahawks look bad all the way around.


Zac Stacy doing some things.


Interception Bruce Irvin!


First quarter ends on a Russell Wilson sack.


2nd Quarter


Another Seahawks drive ends as a dud.


Jeremy Lane‘s playing well.


With 12:00 left in the second quarter.


After Clemens is apparently wrapped up behind the line of scrimmage on third down, he somehow carries Chris Clemons about four yards for a first down.


Kellen Clemens is once again Kellen Clemens, and overthrows his receiver resulting in a Richard Sherman interception and a long return.


A second down play causes three flags to be thrown, all against the Rams. Two unnessessary roughness penalties, and an pass interference in the endzone. Seahawks get the ball at the one.


Russell Wilson stopped twice on designed runs.


Then finally a third down touchdown pass to Golden Tate. Seahawks lead 7-3.


Seahawks hold Rams, who punt to them with 3:34 left in the second quarter.


Sidney Rice injured.


Another three and out for the Seahawks.


Jeremy Lane a bright spot in a dull game.


Clinton McDonald makes another huge stop in the run game, forcing fourth down. Rams will punt with 0:57 left in the second quarter.


Golden Tate and fair catches don’t mix.


Seahawks end the half with a pass with pressure on Russell Wilson, two sacks, and a punt.




3rd Quarter


Seahawks drive ends with yet another three and out.


Rams with their own three-and-out.


Wilson sacked again, another three and out.


Earl Thomas with a huge, completely legal hit on Kellen Clemens.


Richard Sherman is a man, bro.


Greg Zuerlein kicks a field goal. Seahawks lead 7-6.


Perhaps the best tweet relating to the awful offensive line play so far.


Another good one.


Golden Tate makes a phenomenal catch, then gets a personal foul for taunting. Touchdown is 80 yards and counts. Taunting is 15 yards and goes against the kickoff. Seahawks lead 14-6.


After a won Seahawks challenge and three penalties.


4th Quarter


Kellen Clemens sacked on third down after his would-be touchdown scramble became a pass out of the back of the endzone, and a penalty for an ineligible receiver down field. Greg Zuerlein with the 27 yard field goal. Seahawks lead 14-9.


Jermaine Kearse drops a pass on a slant route. ANOTHER three and out by the Seahawks.


With 10:21 left in the fourth.


Greg Zuerlein misses a 50 yard field goal.


Russell Wilson sacked for the billionth time. Seahawks punt again.


St. Louis Rams driving.


Obviously Seahawks win. Wow, 14-9.

Other stuff

Bruce Irvin did some good things besides his interception.

Brandon Browner does some good things and some bad things.

Fingers are shaking. Seahawks are 7-1. Good night.