Twitter recap of Seattle Seahawks 34-22 victory over the Arizona Cardinals

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To say the Seahawks have warts isn’t to say that they have HPV. They have some issues, and some of those issues presented themselves in this game. Nonetheless, the Seahawks won, and you tweeted, or at least these people tweeted.


About the red siren that Kurt Warner turned.


Other things.


This guy.


1st Quarter


Andre Ellington looks pretty good early in the frist quarter.


Second first down on the Cardinals first drive.


Huge sack from Tony McDaniel to bring up 2nd and 24 on the next play.


Punt to Golden Tate, who ill-advisedly ran the ball out from inside the five yard line, and ran into Chris Maragos amid the return.


The camera shows Marshawn Lynch eating Skittles.




15 yard run by Marshawn Lynch for a first down, down to the 31.


31 yard pass from Russell Wilson to Sidney Rice, who gains separation in a scramble drill. Wilson was running to his right, and away from the line of scrimmage, and put the ball in a perfect spot, hitting Rice in stride in the endzone. Seahawks lead 7-0.


And these.


Kam Chancellor is good.


Earl Thomas makes something like a pick, catching a pass broken up by Brandon Browner. Play reviewed after Seahawks challenge incomplete call on the field. Call overturned.


Sidney Rice gets knocked over by Tyrann Mathieu, who tangled his feet and also grabbed Rice. No Pass interference call.


2nd Quarter


Personal foul for roughing the passer gives the Seahawks a first down after great Patrick Peterson coverage forces third down.


Marshawn Lynch fumbles, recovers.


Absolutely gorgeous pass as Zach Miller runs up the seam, Wilson quick-throws, and Miller makes a phenomenal diving catch in the back of the endzone. Seahawks lead 14-0.


At 13:25 left in the 2nd quarter.


Carson Palmer tries to throw the ball over Michael Floyd‘s shoulder – while he’s being covered by Richard Sherman.


Punt to the Seahawks, Golden Tate’s return ends in the endzone, but a block in the back nullifies it.


Russell Wilson stuffed on fourth and two inches.


Rather nondescript Arizona Cardinals drive ends in a 49 yard field goal from Jay Feely. Seahawks lead 14-3.


Russell Wilson fumbles around the five yard line, Arizona recovers.


Rashard Mendenhall rushes for a three yard touchdown. Seahawks lead 14-10.


Sidney Rice makes a really weird catch where he looked out of bounds and appeared to have let the ball hit the ground in real time. Ruled a catch after a booth review. Seahawks charged with a timeout to avoid weird run-off rule.


Third timeout taken, then a false start, and Seahawks face 3rd and 14 on the 23 yard line.


Russell Wilson scrambles for a first down, stays in bounds, but the Seahawks are called for a hold, stopping the clock. This brings up 3rd and 25 on the 34 yard line. Steven Hauschka kicks a 51 yard field goal. Seahawks lead 17-10.




3rd Quarter


Seahawks first drive in the second half ends with a three-and-out, an ugly one at that.


Richard Sherman gets a pass interference call from the referee directly behind the coverage.


A Richard Sherman breakup and a drop from Andre Roberts lead to a 52 yard field goal from Jay Feely. Seahawks lead 17-13.


Golden Tate made a great play, gaining 25 yards. Then went off the field with an apparent injury.


Russell Wilson, mid-sack, throws a ball while his chest is nearly parallel to the ground to Zach Miller for a first down.


Then a pass to Doug Baldwin and a 17 yard run from Marshawn Lynch.


Marshawn Lynch destroys Darnell Dockett, because fuck that guy anyways, and runs for a five yard touchdown. Play reviewed, called down at the six-inch line.


Russell Wilson play fakes to Marshawn Lynch, then throws to Kellen Davis, who is apparently still on the Seahawks roster. Seahawks lead 24-13.


Brandon Browner intercepts Carson Palmer, and appears to trip on his own feet at the one yard line.


Marshawn Lynch needs two tries, but finally gets the touchdown negated by the overturned call on the past drive. Seahawks lead 31-13.


4th quarter


Arizona lines up for a field goal down by 18 in the fourth quarter. Kick is good. Seahawks lead 31-16.


This with 14:41 left in the fourth quarter.


Kam Chancellor has had a hell of a game. This after he knocked Jim Dray out of the endzone to avoid a touchdown.


Steven Hauscka kicks a 42 yard field goal. Seahawks lead 34-16.


Larry Fitzgerald blocked Richard Sherman.


Carson Palmer throws to a touchdown pass to Jaron Brown. Two-point conversion no good. Seahawks lead 34-22.


Seahawks punt on ensuing drive.


Kam Chancellor forces a fumble. Having one of the best games of his career. Arizona recovers, though.


Seahawks record their seventh sack, this one by Clinton McDonald.


Seahawks win 34-22.


Some other stuff.