Sounders solution simple — be EBFG

Capture this moment and let it fuel you. The end is not near, but a chance at glory is.

Parts make up a whole — they do not define it.

Soccer is an 11-man game, where one weak link — cliche or not — will indeed leave a chain exposed and able to be broken.

The serious trouble though lies in when several links are not only weak, but are already cracked. That chain is garbage.

The Seattle Sounders FC now for two matches have been a broken chain — garbage.

My passion and support of this team are unwavering. I understand that the loss of two national team-level players is key, but it’s not to be used as an excuse. Nor is the fact that these 11 men, because in the past five nights they have not been a team, do not know each other and how to play their style of soccer.

It’s optimistic to say that by winning at Portscum, Dallas and home against LA, this team clad in Rave Green will win the Supporters Shield as the best regular season team in Major League Soccer — but it’s a fact.

The Sounders lost 4-1 to a Vancouver Whitecaps team tonight — a match where even a draw would have bordered on the line of acceptable.

This team is not Eternal Blue, Forever Green — but they can be Sunday. A match where a minor trophy can be won, a match where the shield can again become something within our reach and a match where we can prove that this group of collective talent can play as a team.

It’s no longer Cascadia Cup Week — It’s Portscum Week.

Buckle up, it may be a bumpy ride — but at the end could be the result and team we’ve lost in the last few days. It’s time to be EBFG.