Seattle Seahawks lose to Indianapolis Colts 34-28, recapped on Twitter

This week the Seahawks went into Indianapolis, hoping to go to 5-0. They lost a game that was close down to the wire. They lost a game with several questionable pass interference calls. They lost a game that started at 10 AM PST. The Seahawks are still a good team, and while we’re pretty certain they’ll be a playoff team, maybe even a team with a first round bye in the playoffs, giving up games like this is pretty heartbreaking.


Some pre-game-ish tweets:



1st Quarter


Opening kickoff


Bruce Irvin


Now Bruce Irvin makes a great play against the run.




Marshawn Lynch with a big run early.


Steven Hauschka good from 42 yards. Seahawks lead 3-0.


Early-game overreaction after Seahawks fizzled on a drive that started in good field position, leading to the aforementioned field goal.


After a second straight kickoff fielded deep in the endzone is brought out – which in both cases ends before the 20 yard line.


Second straight Colts 3-and-out to start the game.


On Marshawn Lynch’s early success.


After a drive that included a great Russell Wilson run and several great Marshawn Lynch runs, Wilson throws a touchdown to Golden Tate. Seahawks lead 10-0.


Seahawks block Indianapolis punt. Jeron Johnson attempts to recover in the back of the endzone. Safety. Seahawks lead 12-0. Referees reviewing. Confirmed as a safety.


Rich Eisen is impressed with the Seahawks.


On Colts early struggles.


Andrew Luck with a deep touchdown pass to the relative unknown, though not untalented T.Y. Hilton. 12-7 Seahawks.


Bound to be a mismatch. Showing up early.


Wilson remains elusive.


2nd Quarter


With 13:06 left in the second quarter, Colts block Steven Hauschka field goal attempt. Return block for a touchdown. Colts lead 14-12.


Golden Tate called for Pass Interference on a pretty ticky tacky call.


On a drive that included an offensive pass interference call, a critical fourth down scramble from Russell Wilson, and an amazing touchdown catch by Jermaine Kearse, the Seahawks regain the lead on the Colts 19-14



Bruce Irvin having a hell of a game.


I like Andrew Luck, but not everyone does.


Indianapolis driving to close out the first half.


Adam Vinatieri 41 yard field goal is good with 58 seconds left on the clock. 19-17 Seahawks.


Seahawks driving with less than a minute left.


Half ends with Seahawks driving. Russell Wilson stripped.




3rd Quarter


Marshawn Lynch with a huge run to start the second half.


Russell Wilson runs for a first down on huge third down play.


Steven Hauschka kicks a 36 yard field goal. Seahawks lead 22-17. Weird score.


With 11:18 left no less.


And now to Doug Farrar.


Chris Clemons strips Andrew Luck, Seahawks recover!


Steven Hauschka field goal puts the Seahawks further ahead, 25-17 Seahawks.


With 8:12 left in the third.


K.J. Wright goes down with an apparent injury as Seahawks struggling to combat no huddle.


Andrew Luck with a beautiful pass to T.Y. Hilton for a 29 yard touchdown. Two point conversion attempt no good. Seahawks lead 25-23, as the weird scores continue.


With more than four minutes left in the third quarter.


After a nifty Marshawn Lynch one-handed catch, then a play where Lynch wasn’t ready for a Russell Wilson pass, Steven Hauschka good on a 46 yard field goal. 28-23 Seahawks.




4th Quarter



Earl Thomas makes a tremendous open field tackle to begin the fourth quarter.


Another big PI call, this time on Richard Sherman.


Fuck Stanford.


Richard Sherman struggling some.


Frustration with football referees.


After a pass to Reggie Wayne that brought the Colts close to the goal line, Donald Brown rushes for a touchdown. Seahawks use timeout on two point conversion attempt, their final timeout of the half. Conversion successful anyways. Colts lead 31-28. Normal score again, somehow.


Russell Wilson keeper on the read-option fails. Seahawks punt to Colts with 6:38 left.


Trent Richardson runs for a key first down as the clock runs. Seahawks without timeouts.


Seahawks stuff Trent Richardson, forcing fourth down. Finally.


Adam Vinatieri good from 49 yards out. 34-28 Colts.


Him and Matt Holt keep tweeting about this, and I may be too hungover to know what the fuck they are talking about.


Russell Wilson scrambles for 22 yards. 1:47 left.


Incomplete pass to Luke Willson.


Great play by Darius Butler. Maybe PI. Incomplete pass on second down. 1:36 left. Third down.


After delay of game on 3rd and 10, Wilson throws an incomplete pass to Golden Tate. 4Th and 15 with 1:31 left.


Scrambling through traffic, Wilson makes a desperation heave to Sidney Rice. Darius Butler picks it off on the opposite sideline.


Seahawks loss ends bad weekend of football. College, professional, and European varieties alike.


Some other stuff:


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Pete Carroll’s gum.


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Luck and Wilson are very good, very similar.


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