Seattle Seahawks beat Houston Texans 23-20: A recap in the form of tweets, lots of crazy tweets

This is an idea I had for a way to post a recap with some of the best, most entertaining takes on the Seahawks. Please let me know if you hate it. You’re also welcome to let me know if you like it.

The Seahawks went to Houston, and the Seahawks played a football game with a ton of ups and downs.

Best tweet from before the game


First Quarter


After the first series of the game, ending in a Houston punt.


In sync with the author.


J.J. Watt is scary.


Hauschka kicks a 48 yard field goal, 3-0 Seahawks. 11:11 left in the first quarter.


J.J. Watt is very scary. Absolutely dominated J.R. Sweezy.


On Houston’s early success running the ball.


Earl Thomas maybe intercepts Schaub’s pass to Andre Johnson!


Marshawn Lynch with a 43 yard run from the shadow of his own endzone.


J.J. Watt is really fucking scary, demolishing Robert Turbin in the backfield.


Seahawks drive, once aided considerably by a Marshawn Lynch run, ended by a sack on Russell Wilson.


On the offensive line’s early struggles.


Second Quarter


Matt Schaub hits a wide open Garrett Graham for a touchdown on the first play of the second quarter. 7-3 Houston.


K.J. Wright got hurt on that drive, by the way.


Jeremy Lane fumbles returning a kick, Seahawks recover.


J.J. Watt is so scary he makes everyone else scarier. Whitney Mercilus sacks Russell Wilson.


At 11:21 left in the second quarter.


These guys spend too much time around eachother? On Richard Sherman‘s struggles early.


Touchdown pass from Schaub to Arian Foster. 14-3 Houston.


Marshawn Lynch nailed at the line of scrimmage on the first play of the series, and fumbles. Brian Cushing comes through the line of scrimmage unblocked. Bad gets worse.


Credit for fumble given to Rolando McClain.




Fumble again credited to Cushing.


Randy Bullock field goal is good. Houston 17-3.

At 3:51 left in the second quarter.


They have a pill for this.


The downside of league-governed TV coverage. Too god damn much Tim Ryan.


On the Seahawks pass rush.


Michael Bennett hurt late in the second half.


Randy Bullock field goal is good. 20-3 Houston. 0:01 left in the first half.





3rd quarter


False start by the Seahawks early with a description that would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.


Good Bennett news.


After a Shane Lechler punt.


J.J. Watt is so fucking god damned good.


Malcolm Smith, having a terrible game, causes a fumble, Seahawks recover!!!


Did I mention that J.J. Watt is scary?


After an ugly looking dive for an off-target Russell Wilson pass, Sidney Rice‘s falling comes into question.


Steven Hauschka field goal is good. Houston leads 20-6.


Finally J.J. Watt gets a taste of his own medicine.


4th Quarter


Doug Baldwin made an incredible catch, tapping only the tips of his toes in bounds. Challenged after initial incomplete call, then overturned.


Wilson love from he who move to the East Coast after Wilson gets a first down on a fourth down with his legs.


Marshawn Lynch touchdown run. Houston leads 20-13.


J.J. Watt still bleeding.


Three-and-out means Seahawks have the ball in Texans territory with plenty of time to keep the whole playbook open.


Then Wilson retreating from ensuing rush, throws off his back foot and across his body, and Jonathan Joseph intercepts it. Momentum lost.


Richard Sherman interception for a touchdown, game tied 20-20. Holy fuck.


Then a pass to Andre Johnson to start Houston’s drive.


Another TE catch, Owen Daniels converts the first down on third and two.


Big sack for Cliff Avril on first down. Penalty on Houston declined.


Pass complete on second and long, but…


Houston punts. Seahawks recover at 10 yard line with one timeout left, 23 seconds on the lcock.


Seahawks take a knee. End of regulation. On to overtime.





Seahawks kick off for a touchback. Houston starts at their own 20.


First down Texans.


Brandon Browner breaks up pass, leading to 4th down.


Horse collar on Marshawn Lynch adds 15 yards to a first down reception.


Then Russell Wilson gets sacked.


Despite long Wilson run, Seahawks held on third down. Punt to Texans. Texans fair catch on their 13 yard line.


Brandon Browner called for pass interference after incomplete pass out of bounds on third and four.


An additional poor choice by Golden Tate, who attempts to return Houston’s punt. Penalty negates it, but still.


Then Tate does another dumb thing, returning the punt from the goal line, but gets out to the 31 yard line.


Russell Wilson runs for seven yards and a first down.


Personal foul as Kareem Jackson slams Doug Baldwin to the ground on a second down reception. First down Seahawks in field goal range.


Seahawks win! Field Goal good! 43 yarder. 4-0 for the first time in team history.


Some other stuff


More good Bennett news.


On the frequent Texans holding.


On Clint McDonald‘s stop of Matt Schaub’s attempted run.