Has “Head Soccer” gone antisemitic?

If you’re like me — and an increasing number of pop culture, product-placement instances lead me to believe that you are — you recently upgraded your iPhone to iOS 7. If you’re like me, you could really give a fuck about most of the features of iOS 7, and are probably confused why a Seattle sports blog would even mention the evil empire in Cupertino, California. Let’s digress.

Regardless of what phone you use, presuming it is smart, you’ve likely got some access to a game called Head Soccer. While Angry Birds ranks highest of all-time among games meant seemingly-specifically for fecal evacuation, Head Soccer is game of similar quality in terms of game play. However, upon my upgrade to iOS 7 I updated every app on my phone, and within Head Soccer I found a shocking discovery — the type only Mel Gibson would find palatable.

You see, in Head Soccer you pick a head with tiny feet that represents a specific country. In this politically correct world there was bound to be some sort of ethnic stereotype that offended someone. These characters are cartoony. And they have huge heads that can score goals. In one instance — after the most recent upgrade at least — perhaps one of these stereotypes crossed over into what some may consider poor taste.

Previously unavailable in past iterations of this game was a head from the State of Israel.

photo 1

You may find it peculiar for an Israeli character to be wearing a cross on his head… (Note Israel’s flag above the character on the right)

photo 4

But then, you haven’t seen what happens when Israel’s head gets a “power shot,” which temporarily freezes his opponent in an animated, and particularly precarious, perhaps meaning-laden position… (That I was using the German character is completely coincidental, he happens to have the best power shot of the players I have unlocked)

photo 2 (1)

photo 1 (1)

photo 3

That’s right. The cartoon head from a safe haven for Jews after the holocaust puts you in a crucifix if you block his shot.

Here’s to hoping this was an accident from a bunch of innocently ignorant game designers.

  • Matthias_Kullowatz

    Perhaps the character is supposed to be Jesus, who–being a Jew–represents the peaceful connection between old testament and new testament followers. Yes, yes, I think that’s what the game designers were going for.