Mariners Mini Morsels: August 18

The Ms new media deals will bring in an additional $25MM per year from MLB’s national contracts starting in 2014, which about doubles what they have be receiving.  Their new regional network revenue should increase income from $45MM to somewhere around $117MM annually, according to Wendy Thurm of Fangraphs and Forbes.  The Ms will not be able to opt out of the current deal with Root Sports until 2015, at which point they could start making hay on that Forbes estimation above. With increased revenue arriving (likely) in 2015, they will be able to sign players to high-level contracts now and back load them so the big bucks are owed after the new regional network income is being received.  Additionally the team’s home attendance is up by 1,876 so far this season, which is 9% over last season.  They can easily boost their payroll to the $110 to $140MM range for 2014.  Despite what some may think, the Ms owners have never taken any profit out of the team and, in announcing the new regional media deal, they stated that the new revenue will help them to field competitive teams well into the future.  We should see some proof of that this off-season.  The team clearly needs two league average or better outfielders and two mid-rotation arms.  With their cheap young core and their income getting a big boost, the Mariners can afford to go get them.


According to Mark Polishuk of MLB Trade Rumors the Astros are on pace to become the first team in baseball history to select the No. 1 overall pick in three consecutive amateur drafts.


Reflecting on Felix’s perfect game I was slightly surprised by this factoid from Wikipedia:  Although it is possible for multiple pitchers to combine for a perfect game (as has happened ten times at the major league level for a no-hitter, including the Ms six pitcher effort last season), to date every major league perfect game has been thrown by a single pitcher.


Jose Abreu—the now former Cuban who will be fabulously wealthy within a matter of months—has hung up some serious numbers before leaving home.   When he played for Cienfuegos in the Cuban Serie Nacional season he had a .382 BA, a .535 OBP and an unreal .735 slugging mark, not to mention 13 homers, 37 walks and 21 strikeouts in 42 games – about a quarter of the 162 MLB season games.  At age 26 he’s probably not hit his peak yet, though it looks like he’s hit about everything else.  According to Jesse Sanchez of, the group of other Cubans available includes right-hander Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez, who had been close to a deal with the Phillies but remains unsigned. Former Cuban national squad teammate Dariel Hinojosa, a right-hander, is expected to sign a multimillion-dollar deal soon. Odrisamer Despaigne, a 26-year-old right-hander, and Misael Silverio, 24-year-old left-hander, are among the recent Cuban defectors expected to hit the free-agent market sometime this year. There’s also RHP Leandro Linares, 19, who recently signed with the Indians for $950,000.


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Ellsbury vs Choo vs Other OF players as fits for the Ms has already become a discussion topic well before the off-season.  Frankly I’m uncertain myself, so I read what others have to say.  The following is one view posted on Fangraphs by Balthazar.

“Ellsbury has missed time because a) he was slow to develop, because b) his hit tool was meh, while c) getting significantly dinged up more than once. Now, he’s having his second best season in his walk year, and peaking in walk year is, to me, always a danger sign on a guy, especially one with an erratic history and narrow tool base. Ellsbury will help somebody, but a 6-year deal is madness. A deal like Michael Bourn’s should be what org’s are looking for, so Ellsbury’s agent is trying like crazy to ‘expand the buyer pool.’ We don’t have to put salt on that hype and eat it, ‘s all I’m saying.”


“Cano is the Yankees lineup. Their position players have produced 11.1 bWAR, 5.0 of which are Cano’s — 45% of the total.” Joe Sheehan: Sports Illustrated.  He’s also about to be a free agent with a high visibility celebrity agent looking to make a big splash.


This Week in Gifs: Laws are for suckers by Jon Bois at SB Nation  This week, we’ve seen some GIFs of folks who have failed to heed the laws of humans and physics. Vote, (here) and help us determine the best of the week.


I’m old enough to have watched Robin Roberts pitch for the Phillies in the 1950s. One time he pitched 28 complete games in a row. He pitched over 300 innings six times in his career. Nolan Ryan once (in 1974) threw over 200 pitches in a 13 inning game. Neither of them had the benefit of today’s training and conditioning knowledge or facilities. Felix most likely won’t throw as many pitches as either of them in his career or throw any harder than the von Ryan Express did, but he sure as hell can last through age 33 without requiring a miracle.

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“It is worth noting that over the last two weeks, while the Rangers have stolen 19 bases, the Mariners have picked up just two. The Mariners have 36 this season. Elvis Andrus has 30.  While the Mariners are not a team made up of burners, they do have plus speed in Dustin Ackley, Michael Saunders and Brad Miller. Kyle Seager is a smart base runner and can steal a base when he sees the opportunity. Nick Franklin should be able to do the same. If these guys have the green light and are not running, maybe it is time to tell them to run.”