Mariners Mini Morsels: August 15

In a series on MLB’s Top 5 Clutch Starting Pitchers Cory DiBenedetto at Gammons Daily picked our King Felix as his No. 1; the guy knows whereof he speaks.

“With a 40% strikeout rate, Felix demands confidence from his manager and teammates in a tight game with runners in scoring position. He also comes to the table with a 2.39 ERA, a 1.10 WHIP and 169 strikeouts so far this year.  ‘In top form,’ the only way to describe Felix’s pitching in 2013. Of his 24 starts so far this season, Felix has given up 1 or less earned runs 14 times.”

Peter Gammons added:

“His ability to grow his repertoire continues every season, the precursor to a very long career.” 

Neat Tweets:

The Pulaski Mariners have a trio of interesting arms in Emilio Pagan, Edwin Diaz and Leoncio Munoz.  Pagan has appeared in 15 games and won 1, lost none and saved 12 of them, with 27 SO and 5 BB in 20.1 IP.  Diaz has started 10 games and has won 3 and lost 1, while posting a 1.59 ERA in 51 IP, with 62 SO and 15 BB.  Munoz has thrown in 29.1 innings of relief and won 7 games (that’s right 7 wins as a reliever in 14 game appearances, the Ms should bring him up just as a lucky charm) and lost none, with a 1.51 ERA, 31 SO and 10 BB.  If they did that on the big club the Ms might be contenders.

Take them out from the ball game?  According to an article by Mike Mazzeo, special to, if superstar Mike Trout were baseball’s commissioner, Alex Rodriguez would be banned from the sport for life.

“To me, personally, I think you should be out of the game if you get caught. It takes away from the guys that are working hard every day and doing it all-natural.”

Angels slugger Josh Hamilton agreed with Trout, claiming that the overwhelming majority of players want strict penalties for PED users.

“That’s [what] I would say 95 percent of the guys in the league want — even playing field, guys coming out here working hard and all-natural and going out there and playing the game. I think [Trout] is right on.”

Dustin Ackley received the start in center Tuesday ahead of Michael Saunders. Acting manager Robby Thompson said Ackley will continue to get an extended look in center. Thompson said the club hopes to use the season’s final seven weeks to solidify Ackley’s situation.  From SportsPress NW  (Do they expect him to turn into stone?).

Mariners mentions from the weekly chat at MLBTR Weekly Chat:

Comment From Mitchell:  Haven’t heard much of suitors for Ellsbury so far. Last I heard he was interested in being closer to home (Oregon).

Steve Adams: I’m sure Ellsbury is focusing on keeping Boston in first place, as he should be. I’ve heard the Mets bandied around as a team who figures to be in heavily on him. The Mariners tried to enter the picture on some big name OFs last season, if that’s what you were hinting at by mentioning Oregon. 

Comment From Scott Boras:  If the Sox offer Ells 5/$70M, Do I accept?

Steve Adams: Boras hangs up the phone and Ellsbury gets insulted. He’ll top that easily.

Comment From CERyle34:  Do you See Nick Franklin coming out of his horrific slump soon?

Steve Adams:  Yeah. Franklin’s a talented hitter who was universally agreed upon as a top 100 guy. They don’t always pan out, but many go through rough patches. Not everyone has a Trout-esque season right off the bat (and really, even he was bad in 2011).

Comment From Blake: Any chance the Mariners go after Lincecum?

Steve Adams: I think the lineup needs to be their bigger priority.