Well that Sucked

Rick Rizzs told me it was 8-1 after Raul Ibanez knocked in Kyle Seager in the fourth. I gave Rizzs the floor for the remainder of the inning, and promptly stopped paying attention when I got home. A seven-run lead with Felix Hernandez pitching is a safe lead.

Nope. Against the Angels, He plays favorites.

Of all away teams that have entered the bottom of the fourth with a seven-run lead, 97% have gone on to win. When sending a monarch out with that kind of lead, however, 106% have gone on to win.*

Why then did I look at the box score this morning to find that Anaheim had won?! Because Felix did not ascend to monarchy by divine right, and God was mad, so he sent his angels to teach that Felix a lesson.**

*Source not found.

**Source not found.