Seattle Mariners receive fecal adjustment from boots of Texas Rangers

Any good will that the Mariners built in the beginning of the season when they were hitting, but having problems pitching. In some recent games they’ve pitched better, but still, they’re losing games.

After a sweep against Texas the Mariners are 7-12, and a team that spent their offseason attempting to add veteran hitters has been very disappointing so far this year. They’ve posted an 81 wRC+ as a team, 27th best in the league. 27th best is a more palatable way of saying 4th worst.

They have the 20th best xFIP of all teams, nice for 11th worst.

The Mariners have been a bad team so far. They may be better at some point this season, but they aren’t good right now. Some of the guys we thought might be better, namely Dustin Ackley and Justin Smoak, have been really bad. Worse than their already really-bad selves.

While the series against the Tigers was chalk-full of very good pitching performances by both teams, this series featured very good pitching from the Rangers, very good hitting from the Rangers, and that’s it. The rule of threes is a rhythm rule that is aesthetically pleasing for people. I give you two things you expect, and on the third I give you something that is different, and that contrasts the first two items. I don’t have two items here. The Mariners got their shit kicked in this series. They’ve gotten their shit kicked for most of this season. I’ve been a supporter of Jack Zduriencik, and I think that we’re in a period of statistical noise as it relates to what I believe to be superior talent evaluation. I think that Zduriencik deserves a lot of credit for the influx of talent that has come to Seattle since Zduriencik took over for Bill Bavasi, who left Zduriencik with a minor league system with few prospects, and a  big league roster with no depth and even less talent.

But the Mariners still aren’t fun. I cringe when I hear snide, usually half-baked jokes about the Mariners. I don’t cringe because the messenger is an asshole, or because he’s using a racial slur or something else out of place. I cringe because he’s probably right.

The Mariners are borderline unwatchable right now. The team tried to give away 25,000 collectable shirts at Felix Hernandez‘s first start of the season. They didn’t sell enough tickets to give away all 25,000.

Here’s one fun fact though:

So shit. Houston’s next, and if you’ve read this blog at all, you know that only Matthias writes about Houston. Seriously, he’s written as much about them as I have about Jaso just about.

  • maqman

    Well at least we don’t have Ichiro signed through next season like those dumb ass Yankees. Plus Z didn’t sign Hamilton. Okay that’s all I got. Oh yeah, they brought in Harang to replace Noesi’s 18 starts last season, I’m not, counting on Harang to win 2 of them like Noesi did though. The guy looks like he has BO, whether he does or not.

    • Matthias_Kullowatz

      Harang is not a physically attractive human, and probably can’t afford to have B.O. Attractive men like Casey could forget the AXE spray every once in while, but not Harang…

  • Matthias_Kullowatz

    Haha, you’ll notice in my preview today that I decided not to write about Houston.