Thoughts on the Richard Sherman and Skip Bayless Argument

Today Richard Sherman went on First Take on ESPN and took to beating down Skip Bayless verbally, a growing pastime among high-profile athletes. Sherman is a Stanford Grad of course, and Bayless is among the tools in the toolbox that has turned some of ESPN’s greatest attributes into one of their most glaring issues: Talking heads that shouldn’t be talking.

Let’s remember, this is the same Bayless that caused Terrell Suggs to call him a “douchebag” on live TV.

He’s the same Bayless that tried to start a race war between Kirk Cousins and Robert Griffin III.

Skip Bayless is a jackass, and even if Richard Sherman makes you uncomfortable sometimes, at least part of you has to know that Bayless got what he deserved. So many times in seemingly important scenarios we think “If that was me I would have _____.”

And Sherman fulfilled 80 percent of fantasies of such sentences that involve Skip Bayless.

Bayless was put in his place, and Sherman refused to let Bayless fan otherwise extinguished flames in the Darrelle Revis conflict.

There are people out there that will be upset that Sherman has been in the news for things apart from football. But Twitter wars aren’t DUIs. Interviews with Skip Bayless aren’t sexual assault charges. Richard Sherman plays football with a chip on his shoulder, and that chip may be why he’s as good as he is. Skip Bayless challenged the authenticity of that chip, and he was destroyed like so many receivers’ chances of catching a contested ball.

He talks trash. He talks a lot of trash. But when Roddy White burnt him in the Atlanta loss for a touchdown–one of few times Sherman has been burnt all season–Sherman was clapping when Roddy White reached him after ignoring a sea of his own celebrating teammates.

Richard Sherman isn’t on a crusade against mainstream media. He’s not a sociopath. This was a surgical strike, and he further killed Skip Bayless’ credibility, which is a mercy killing if you ask me.

  • Matthias_Kullowatz

    Skip Bayless makes me throw up a little in my mouth whenever I hear him talk.