Robert Swift’s Former House in Sammamish is Icky

I remember the day that Robert Swift got drafted. He was a dorky looking, red-headed, lanky seven-footer out of Bakersfield, California. I’ve never been to Bakersfield, but as an avid Loveline listener growing up, Adam Carolla had poisoned the well in terms of my opinion of Swift’s hometown.

As Swift began to add dozens of tattoos to his body, we laughed at him.

Well, he may be from the meth-soaked Bakersfield from my imagination, indeed.

The video says that Swift’s home was foreclosed on, and that Swift recently left his former Sammamish home facing threat of eviction.

Swift left dog feces, guns, bullets, empty beer bottles, and some random keepsakes from a career gone south in the house, which is the main story in the video.

The video also says that Swift was supposed to be Seattle’s “savior.” That’s certainly not true, and it’s a bit perplexing that Swift is in such a bad way financially considering the $11+ million he made according to Basketball Reference.