In Unrelated Moves Mike Carp DFA’d, Kameron Loe Signed to Minor League Deal

Overshadowed by a Felix Hernandez extension that has an entire city high-fiving is that the Mariners have officially announced the Joe Saunders signing, which meant they had to move someone else off the 40 man roster.

In the linked post I listed some guys—none of them named Mike Carp—who were likely candidates to be removed from the 40 man roster:

Some likely additional candidates to be DFA’d to make room for Saunders are Anthony Fernandez,Josh KinneyYoervis MedinaCarlos PegueroEric Thames, and Casper Wells.

Carp got DFA’d though, and now he and his weird blonde beard may have some decisions to make. If Carp is claimed, he’ll be on someone else’s 40 man roster. If he’s not, he’s got to look at the Mariners organization as one where the long-term future of first base is the most up in the air. He may not come back to the Mariners out of principle, but he may be making a large mistake doing so.

I think it’s really easy to say that Carp is objectively better than any of the guys I listed, I tend to think he is objectively better than those guys, but it’s not hard to believe that any of those guys could be objectively better than Carp. I don’t know why I didn’t think of Carp, but I also know exactly why I didn’t think of Carp.

He’s got a very low ceiling, but he’s probably better in many ways than just about anybody on this list right now. He just happens to play a position (first base) that the Mariners have several guys ahead of him on the depth chart. He also is a nominal outfielder, but he sucks really bad at playing outfield.

Carp isn’t a huge loss, and even his stretch of productivity that raised expectations for him can be explained away by statistical noise that would likely be corrected over an extended sample.

The Mariners also signed Kameron Loe to a minor league deal. Loe is huge at 6-8, and he’s struck out more batters in the last three years (More than seven per nine innings) than one would expect from a reliever that features a fastball that averages 89.0 MPH for his career. He also throws a curveball, and his curveball is fine. Loe signing is the fourth most important thing in a day that saw four things happen for the Mariners.

  • maqman

    I liked Carp too but he was just the odd man out. If they kept him they would have had to cut a younger prospect probably and even if he hit well where would they play him? They would
    have had to possibly ship Smoak to Tacoma or sit Morales, Morse or maybe Montero to get him in the line-up. He should end up with a team that has more need for him and give him a better opportunity to prove his value. He may well end up loving this move.