Felix Hernandez Extension is now Official

After much, now-unnecessary stress, Felix Hernandez will officially be a Mariner for a long time. After an offseason of repeated rumors, and repeated denials that the Mariners and Felix were close to a contract extension, got the good news next week. Then the team took an MRI of Felix’s elbow and it sanded some of the luster off of what was a pretty amazing day in Mariners history.

This doesn’t mean that the shine has returned in full. The Mariners think something could be wrong with Felix’s elbow at some point. Of course, elbow surgery has become the near-equivalent to a 60,000 mile tune up on a car. Some guys come back even better, most guys come back just as good. The probability that Felix misses a year of time to the knife, and another year of reduced productivity to rehab are reasonably high. The probability that he’s reasonably good in the other five years of this seven year contract is also reasonably high.

The Mariners reportedly got some kind of provision for such a scenario and whatever, they’ll save some money, or maybe void a year if something catastrophic happens. Or something.

If Felix is healthy we know that he won’t be wearing god damned pinstripes with only a first round pick as compensation to the Mariners. The Mariners can keep Felix for the next seven years.

Resume celebration.

  • maqman

    It’s a good move dropping Felix’s last two years of his current contract. The M’s obviously have some unused payroll allocation for this season and by paying him $25MM a season from the get go avoid back loading the deal and possibly end up paying him $30MM or more the last couple of seasons of his contract when he could be less productive. I’m glad the team found this issue beforehand and are at least somewhat protecting themselves. The fair thing would be for the player to pay for insurance for the team that he doesn’t lose significant time due to injury for a pre-existing condition.