Jesus Montero’s Name Documented Among Those in South Florida PED Clinic

The Mariners got a piece of concerning news today as they found out that Jesus Montero is included in a list of names documented by the Biogenesis clinic in South Florida that allegedly supplied performance enhancing drugs to several prominent baseball players. Considering that Alex Rodriguez was a Yankee and he’s also the present-day face of all evil in the PED realm, it’s easy to connect the dots to Montero’s involvement.

For what it’s worth, Montero has denied any wrongdoing and doesn’t understand how his name could end up on the list. From Geoff Baker’s article:

Montero said he only went to the Miami area to visit family members and has never lived or trained there. He said he knew A-Rod from his time in the Yankees’ farm system but only took verbal advice from him and never bought supplements through him or any teammates.

Denial has become the norm in PED cases, and most other players implicated have also denied involvement with PEDs, which if you were to believe that would leave a pretty significant inventory of unsold PEDs at this establishment.

This bust has been called “BALCO East” by many, comparing it to the bust of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative run by Victor Conte, a bust that revealed the names of several San Francisco Bay Area athletes whose reputations have been forever tarnished.

It’s hard to get too excited about this as a baseball fan at this point, and I’ve neglected to write about most steroid issues because I feel like remaining upset about this is just self-inflicted unhappiness. Jesus Montero may not have done steroids, but the probability based on passed events indicates that if he’s implicated, he’s likely guilty. That doesn’t mean that he’s going to be a bad player, but it certainly muddies the information we have on him to this point.