Kyle Rudolph’s MVP Award Highlights Why Pro Bowl is a Joke


Before I start bitching while I am eating my Nachos Bell Grande, let me give credits where credits are due to the six Seattle Seahawks who played in the 2013 NFL Pro Bowl.

Russell Wilson: 8/10 passing and three passing touchdowns.

Marshawn Lynch: 4 rushing attempts for 21 yards and one rushing touchdown.

Leon Washington: 93 yard kickoff return.

Earl Thomas: Interception.

Max Unger: First Pro Bowl appearance

Russell Okung: First Pro Bowl appearance

Wilson capped off an amazing rookie season by making his first Pro Bowl trip. Wilson said twice he did not want the Pro Bowl to go away and that he wants to come back, but the next time he does…let’s give the real Pro Bowl MVP recognition!

How the hell does Kyle Rudolph get the MVP award? He had what…5 catches for 122 yards? Granted, he did get a touchdown and a long of 52 yards, but seriously!? He probably only got it because he made a statement when the game was still competitive. It’s still bullshit though, the Pro Bowl is stupid.

Wilson threw three scoring passes in his first six attempts, the NFL can kiss my ass. I’m honestly surprised they didn’t give it to Andrew Luck for Christ’s sake.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am sick of the Pro Bowl and I for one, hope it stops. Again, I am happy for the Seahawks in the accomplishments they did today, but once again the Hawks get screwed.

Also, why should the AFC Squad get $25,000 game checks when it looks like they flat out gave up in the second half? I mean the NFC did put up 62 points! Really, why should any player get paid anything? This game is meaningless and doesn’t reap any major awards. These players use this as a vacation, and with the money they win, that is more than what it cost for them to fly to Hawaii.

If the Pro Bowl stays, I hope something still changes. Sorry for ranting, excuse me while I go back to eating Nachos and sipping on Mountain Dew!


  • Vikings808

    Aye y u mad for u guys might get him one day. You guys take our players anyways. Get off our tip man. Vikings up inn hea