Gus Bradley Hired by Jacksonville Jaguars, Seahawks Replace him with Dan Quinn


If you’ve ever seen the movie Hancock you may have already seen this storyline play out. If you have never seen the movie Hancock, this is a spoiler alert, or whatever the hipsters say these days.

Basically, Will Smith plays a drunken superhero, and we find out that Charlize Theron is also a superhero who is basically Hancock’s soul mate. The only problem: if the two spend too much time together they become increasingly more mortal, and vulnerable to normal weaponry and human attacks.

For two of the past three seasons Dan Quinn and Gus Bradley have done basically the same, trading corners of the country twice. I assume, though I have no sources, that the had no interest in getting jiggy with each other, though.

Gus Bradley is going to Jacksonville, and one of the sad things about guys leaving in the NFL is that there is basically no silver lining. In college, when a player leaves early you can always say “well, if he gets drafted high he helps future recruiting.” When a coach leaves you must replace him, and now he’s an opponent. It’s bad if you think the coach in any good. And if he’s bad he’s probably leaving for a different reason.

Bradley has been given a lot of credit as a the leader of a defense that has become one of the league’s best. He was rumored to be the frontrunner for the Eagles job that Chip Kelly took yesterday, and today he took a job that is a lot less appealing, but remains one of only 32 jobs of its type.

Dan Quinn even looks like Gus Bradley, adding depth to the Hancock conspiracy theory.

Quinn comes to Seattle off a stint as Florida’s defensive coordinator which followed two years as the Seahawks defensive line coach. It will be interesting to see how the philosophy of the defense shifts, and a lot of focus has been placed on the defensive backs, and since then the defensive line has been a noticeable weakness on the defense.

There is a good chance that some of the remaining Seahawks staff will follow Bradley, and as Ryan wrote about yesterday, Darrell Bevell is interested in the Arizona job. Pete Carroll has been surrounding himself with quality coaches for more than a decade, so I don’t personally expect a substantial drop off, but at least a moderate change in philosophy seems likely.