Darrell Bevell interviews with Arizona Cardinals

Seattle’s offensive coordinator, Darrell Bevell interviewed with the Arizona Cardinals today. The Cardinals give candidates the option to speak to the press after interviews, which he did.

It was only about ten minutes long, nothing too earth shaking here. Bevell has not been offered the job yet. Terrible first question came from the press too, this from the Cardinals website:

Do you want to be a head coach? Do you think you’re ready

He basically spoke about how he’d be happy for the opportunity. His family lives in Arizona, and he grew up in Arizona too. Bevell also talked about how he has worked with many quarterbacks, and how he was fortunate to start with Brett Favre. Speaking of quarterbacks, he spoke about how he has been involved with quite a few quarterback competitions/controversy’s.

Bevell has great knowledge of the division, and mentioned how he respects Arizona’s defense and how they bring pressure.

Chicago was Bevell’s first head coach interview, and nothing formal is lined up with Arizona currently. Just discussions here!

Recently fired Chicago Bears coach, Lovie Smith has had two interviews with the Cardinals, but no word on a hire. New reports are saying Smith won’t coach in 2013, so that leaves a better option for Bevell.