Seahawks John Moffitt likes Manny’s Pale Ale

If you watch enough John Moffitt on the Real Rob Report, there’s basically no doubt that his suspension for Adderall last season was for a legitimate case of attention deficit disorder.

Not many offensive linemen become fan favorites for reasons other than being completely dominant, or remaining somewhere for a long time. The best example for dominance is Walter Jones, who became a legend in Seattle. A guy like Chris Gray, or Robbie Tobeck weren’t quite dominant, but they were in Seattle forever.

John Moffitt has become a fan favorite for reasons that aren’t related to this picture of him in a Hooters girl outfit, but rooted in the same mentality: John Moffitt is one funny mother fucker. Most weeks on the Real Rob Report, Michael Robinson makes the pilgrimage to Moffitt’s locker and gets his words of wisdom. This week Moffitt was again the star of the episode, with two segments, including explaining his advice to Golden Tate, saying the receiver should name his first son “Silver” so that he knew his dad was superior.

The real interesting gem though to me, was that Moffitt has embraced the Seattle beer scene, naming Seattle’s own Georgetown Brewing Company when Michael Robinson asked who he’d like to be endorsed by if given the choice:

Shoot, what do I like a lot? Well I mean beer, clearly, I’d like to be endorsed by like Manny’s (Georgetown Brewing Company). If Manny’s wanted to make the their regional spokesperson I’d totally take it. I don’t know if they need it.

Robinson then explained that he didn’t think that would jive with the NFL’s endorsement policies, and Moffitt responded:

Because we’re Coor’s. See the hypocrisy in it? See the hypocrisy in it? I can’t make money but they can.

Check it out here around the 17:20 mark.