Philadelphia Eagles Given Permission to Interview Gus Bradley

Bradley has become a hot head coaching candidate after helping transform the Seahawks defense into one of the best in the league, and multiple years of being confused for defensive line coach Tom Wash on national broadcasts. Of course, Wash looks much more like a defensive coordinator, while Bradley looks like he’d give you one hell of a golf lesson.

The way we view coaches is a fickle measure. When Gus Bradley was coaching under the defensive-minded Jim Mora he drew the ire of many fans. When he was one of only two coaches retained by Pete Carroll, we assumed that Carroll had heard the same positive stories about Bradley from his former mentor, and father of Carroll’s replacement at USC, Monte Kiffin. Bradley worked under Kiffin in Tampa Bay, and there was some belief that some of Kiffin’s expertise may have rubbed off on Bradley.

There was also an assumption that Mora controlled most of the defensive gameplan, and that not much would change under Carroll.

The defense ranked in the bottom third of the league in both of Bradley’s first two years though, making him a candidate for the ax in many people’s minds. As it turns out, now Bradley is drawing interest as a guy that could run the entire show somewhere.

The Philadelphia Eagles have received permission to interview Bradley for their head coaching vacancy. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Bradley is gone. The Eagles have talked to Bill O’Brien, they want to talk to Chip Kelly, they want to talk to Bruce Arians, they may want to talk to Jay Gruden, and they may want to talk to many other coaches. The Eagles obviously want to do their due diligence. They believe that part of their due diligence is to interview Gus Bradley.

If Bradley leaves, the Seahawks have already been linked to Kiffin, and Carroll may already have a replacement in mind.

Either way, it seems that Bradley becoming a head coach is inevitable at this point, as there is a lot of momentum in that direction. None of this is necessarily bad news of course, and there’s a certain team from the north eastern region of this country that has been successful despite several coaching departures, and one ill-fated day against Richard Sherman.