Happy New Year NASORB Readers!

This may look like an over-the-counter high waiting to happen. Instead, it was the kitchen counter at my place on New Years, sans party.

Happy New Years guys and girls! It’s been our absolute best year at North and South of Royal Brougham and we have you to thank for it. People read our modest website more than 170,000 times in 2012, which is more than three times our past best year.

We’ve got big plans going forward, but our biggest plan is to keep offering unique insight, and hopefully a humorous outlook on Seattle sports. We’ll continue to pursue podcasting as a viable medium, and are working on the best ways to make NASORB easily-accessible to our valued readers.

My intention was to have a full new layout, some end-of-year posts, and some other posts up by the end of the year. Unfortunately I got the flu on the day after Christmas, and after attempting to work through it the following two days I’ve been basically bed-ridden since, with it progressing into some sort of bronchitis/pneumonia crap.

We’ll have some surprises, and alterations to our content in 2013, and we hope you keep coming back. I’d especially like to thank:

Madison McCord, our main Sounders writer, and my guiding light in terms of web design.

Kristopher Brannon, also known as Sonics Guy, who has become a great friend and writer for the website.

Matt Mikolas, who has helped build our Seahawks content despite taking on significant responsibility at KJR-AM (listen to him!).

Mikey Schwartze, who wrote a ton during baseball season, and who will bring some of his MLB Dirt pedigree to our website. He’s also the only writer for the website who can’t enter a bar legally.

Ryan Frazier, a relative newby to our website, but one that is pumping out content on the Seahawks like crazy now.

Sean Kramer, your favorite bro that can’t drink three beers without swearing his way out of a bar. (No seriously, we almost got 86’d during the Vegas Bowl)

Kyle Taylor, he’s barely written some Huskies stuff, but he owes me a Brazilian Wax. Or I should say that he lost a bet to me that means he has to get a Brazilian Wax. We’ll get a podcast of it. No video though. At least none below the waist.

And Brad Colyer. I’ve probably hung out with Brad more times than anyone that writes for the website, and he’s probably written for the website less than anyone that writes for the website. Brad helped introduce me to Sounders FC this year a new passion of mine. We drank at 7 AM on our way to the Portland away match. We drank at a handful of other games at much more appropriate drinking times.

Greg Mockos, the co-president of ECS was great to me this year.

And Jake Reeder is a media whore.

  • maqman

    So, how much does Reeder go for?

    • http://twitter.com/CaseyMcLain34 Casey McLain

      If you have to ask you can’t afford it.