Seahawks send Rams home with a loss

Your Seattle Seahawks have finished their regular season record 11-5, which is good for third best in team history. The Seahawks went 12-4 in 1984 when they were still in the AFC, and 13-3 in 2005 during the Seahawks Super Bowl season. The Seahawks also went 8-0 at home for the first time since 2005, and it’s also the third time in team history they have accomplished a perfect home record. Prior to 2005, it was in 2003 when the Seahawks got their first perfect home record. The Seahawks could have one more game in Seattle, that would be the NFC Championship. The only way for this to happen though, is if the Minnesota Vikings which are the NFC’s 6th playoff seed make it to the championship round, and the Seahawks win two road games. Unlikely? Certainly, but anything is possible.

Quarterback Russell Wilson has tied Peyton Manning‘s rookie passing touchdown record at 26, which Manning accomplished in 1998. Wilson also scored the game winning touchdown with a minute left to play when he scrambled 1-yard for a touchdown.

“It’s such a blessing, because the guy is so great,” Wilson said, stepping out his team-always-comes-first character for just a moment. “To tie that record is really something special. It’s a tribute to my faith in God and all the things he’s put me through. And also my football team and what they’ve done.” –from

Those were Wilson’s words on tying Manning, Wilson shows maturity and poise in that of a veteran…not a rookie. Wilson also won the Steve Largent award for this season. I’ve said it before, Russell Wilson is the quarterback of future.

The Skittles must have been on the sideline, (like always) because Marshawn Lynch ran for his 10th 100-yard game this season, he ran for a total of 1,590 yards this season which is a career best. This stat also registers for third best in total yards from scrimmage behind Shaun Alexander. Been while since you heard that name, huh? Alexander ran for, 1,696 in 2004 and 1,880 in 2005.

Golden Tate must have ate maple doughnuts or something before the game, because he recorded his first 100-yard (105) game of the season. He also recovered a key fumble that slipped out of Lynch’s hand on the 90-yard game winning drive led by Wilson. Tate comes up big in every game, even in the smallest ways.

On defense, Middle linebacker Bobby Wagner had 10 tackles to have 140 on the season. He broke Terry Beeson‘s record in tackles (136) which was set back in 1977.

Also on defense, Richard Sherman snagged his eighth interception which is good for second in the NFL.

“Pro bowl spots don’t mean nothing.” — Sherman’s exact words last week after finding out he was snubbed from the Pro bowl this season.

He’ll be too busy preparing for the Super bowl in New Orleans anyways, so who really gives a shit?

This was also the first time in three weeks that the Seahawks have not blown out their opponents. The Rams came to play and gave the Seahawks a game. It was good the Hawks got a good matchup, because had they won big again, they may have gone into the playoff’s thinking they were invincible. It’s good to remain humble and be thankful we have gone this far.

11-5, while it may look good on paper, it doesn’t mean a thing now. We are now 0-0 and the new season starts this Sunday. The Washington Redskins will host the Seahawks in a Wild Card match up. It’ll we be rookie quarterback vs. rookie quarterback, a power run game vs. a rookie running back, and a pair of great defenses. The game is set for Sunday, January 6th at 1:30PM PT.