Preview: St. Louis Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are already in the post season, but that doesn’t mean there is still many more things to fight for this Sunday….

The  7-7-1 St. Louis Rams invade the Pacific Northwest this Sunday to take on a 10-5 Seahawks team at CenturyLink Field. This is one game that cannot be taken lightly by Seattle, as this game has many things going in the Seahawks direction if other teams within the NFC West can help.

A San Fransisco 49ers lost to the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday would give the Seahawks the NFC West Championship, but only if the Hawks can take down St. Louis. The 49ers will probably not lose after last week’s Sunday night debacle, but at the same time Arizona has a lot to play for too. Roster spots for next season, this is Arizona’s chance to make it or break it. Why not against a good team like San Fransisco? Can we count on Arizona to help us? We’ll see!

The Rams have only claimed victory twice out of the last 15 games with Seattle, the most recent being in week four of this season. Russell Wilson did not play his most spectacular game that weekend as he threw three interceptions with zero touchdowns. He was in position to lead the Seahawks on a game winning drive, but an unfortunate slip resulted in that third interception. Seattle has lost all five games this season by six points or less on the last drive. However, if anybody things the Seahawks are going to roll over this week, they are dead wrong.

The Seahawks have the NFL’s second best rushing attack behind Marshawn Lynch, and he’s only ten yards away from having 1,500 yards on the season. If he accomplishes his goal of 10 yards, he’d only be the third Seahawk ever to reach that mark. The Rams defense gives up on average, 115.7 yards a game, and with Lynch averaging 109.0 yards a game, he should be able to get his ten yards easily.

Seattle’s defense will go toe to toe with Sam Bradford, the Rams quarterback has had his best season to date. He’s passed for 20 touchdowns which is a career best. Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, and Earl Thomas will give him a run for Bradford’s money. The trio is known as the, “Legion Of Boom”. They punish opposing wide receivers and running backs and make them with they stayed home. The Seahawks defense only allows a league best, 304.5 yards a game. The win over the 49ers last weekend bolstered Seattle up into the power rankings, and defensively. Seattle also has the 12th Man advantage, and this will certainly help the defense to be ready to go. The Seahawks are 7-0 at home thanks in large part to the home crowd. Every 12 this Sunday needs to keep it loud and proud this Sunday to extend our home record to 8-0.

It’s been asked of the fans to wear all blue this Sunday. The end zones at CenturyLink Field have been painted blue for the game this weekend. “Blueout” is what the Seahawks organization is calling it, and I personally miss the all-blue end zones. Shame that soccer had to bring those bland green end zones with blue lettering.

Even if the Hawks lose, we’re still in the post season, but losing is not an option. Seattle needs to continue to steam roll, as they are averaging 50.0 points a game. Carry this momentum into next week’s Wild Card round, and I firmly believe we’ll get closer to the big dance. However, with a 49ers and Green Bay Packers loss, the Seahawks would get the number two seed in the playoffs, and earn a first round BYE. Anything is possible.

This is what makes football the great American sport, everything that happens is so unexpected. Who would have though the Seahawks would be 10-5 and in the post season? How many of you can HONESTLY say we’d be continuing our season in January?

Happy Blue”out” Friday, Hawkville!