Merry Christmas NASORB readers

Santa has come and gone, and if you’re like me, there’s plenty of great gifts you will receive from friends and family, but you also got an early Christmas present that was hard to top. The Seahawks stomped the 49ers, and put a lump of coal under Jim Harbaugh’s tree, atoning a bit for a Huskies loss that put a lump of coal under just about every Huskies fans’ tree. It was a decisive win, and has the Seahawks in the discussion for the best team in the NFC.

Spend time with your families if you’re lucky enough to do so. Drink, be happy, enjoy the time between now, and the beginning of the playoffs. Very soon we’ll be embarking on a new year. A year that promises to be full of excitement on most fronts of Seattle sports. But a year that’s not here yet. Squeeze every bit of fun you can out of this year.