Seahawks thump 49ers and are Playoff Bound

Pete Carroll and his Seattle Seahawks gave the 12th Man Faithful an early Christmas present last night. A playoff berth. Nobody would have thought this would happen, but Seattle put up touchdown after touchdown on  Jim Harbaugh‘s San Fransisco 49ers. 42-13 was the final score on “Sunday Night Football” last night as the Carroll finally got a win against long time rival, Harbaugh.

From the moment the gates opened there was electricity in the air, there was this energy only the Seahawks and their fans could feel. The 12th Man was at their loudest this season, I could feel the chills from couch as I heard the crowd scream. Because it was so loud, this seemed to create some issues on the offense for the 49ers and Colin Kaepernick

Multiple delay of game penalties haunted Kaepernick, as the TV cameras showed him shouting to his teammates in the huddle trying to call plays. Once he got to the line of scrimmage it was so loud the ball was not snapped on time, creating an impatient 49er offense and more fuel for the 12th Man. Kaepernick finished the evening 19/36 passing, 244 yards, one touchdown, and an interception to corner back, Richard Sherman. Kaepernick also had roughly 39 yards rushing, but it still was not enough to spark an offensive miracle.

I am betting the 49ers were truly hoping Richard Sherman’s PED case would went into affect, but it didn’t. Sherman was beastly as he intercepted Kaepernick in the end zone, that if the 49ers had scored the game may have been very different. He also returned a blocked field goal attempt by, Red Bryant for 90 yards and a score. The Seahawks were the number three defense coming into this game, and only allowed a measly 13 points to the, “best team in football.” Mind you, Kaepernick’s touchdown came in garbage time. Seattle also played with 5th and 6th string corner backs in, Bryon Maxwell and Jeremy Lane. Lane was covering Randy Moss most of the night and only allowed him to catch three balls for 44 yards. Lane is a rookie and it just goes to show Carroll has amazing depth on this team. This defense is scary good right now, and anybody that may face this Seahawks team is in for a surprise.

If last night’s game was not proof that quarterback Russell Wilson shouldn’t be, Rookie of the year, I don’t know what is. Sure, he had one interception, but Turbin should have got both hands on the football. Wilson’s numbers this season so far is, 25 touchdowns, 1o interceptions, and 2,868 yards. Wilson can make history this Sunday, if he scores two more touchdowns he will break Peyton Manning‘s touchdown record of 26 in is rookie year. Wilson has tough competition though, as he is going against, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Again, if last night was not a shoe in, I don’t know what is. Wilson had a beautiful touchdown pass to Doug Baldwin late in the game, to where only Baldwin could catch it. The pass had beautiful arch to it as it sailed into the corner of the end zone. Wilson also had another score to Baldwin earlier in the game when he led Baldwin into the end zone, where he caught it for a finger tip grab. Carroll and general manager, John Schneider found a gem in Wilson for years to come. Many male Seahawks fans have man-crushes on him.

According to sources, several players on the Seahawks wanted to run the score up. Why not? Why can’t we be hated more and more each week? The Packers scored 55 on the Titans and there was no mention of running scores up. Oh, but wait! It’s the Packers, so when they do it, it’s ok. Speaking of scores, the Seahawks have scored, 58, 5o, and 42 points the last three games. They have outscored opponents, 150-30.  This factoid has not been achieved by a pro football team since 1950! What’s crazy is, they are doing it with a rookie quarterback, an offensive line that has had issues maintaining consistent guards, a defense that lost it’s three best corner backs, and it’s best interior pass rushing defensive lineman. Just another fact, it took eight games to get 140 points in the first half of the season. Can I get an amen?

For the third time in a row, Marshawn Lynch has ran for over 100 yards on a strong 49er defense. He rushed for 111 yards last night with one rushing touchdown. Looks like “Sports Science” was right when they said Skittles help him run better. Mind you, the 49ers were without Justin Smith, but now I just sound like a dumb ass 49er fan who is making excuses on why San Fransisco lost. Smith helps Aldon Smith get into the back field, but without Justin Smith, that defense looks half lost. Interesting to see if these two teams have another game in January, because if we do, it’s going to be bloody once again.

Seattle plays host to the, St. Louis Rams this Sunday, and this is still a must win. Let me show you some scenarios if the Seahawks were to win:

1: Seahawks @ Redskins

2: Seahawks @ Cowboys

Because one of these teams have to win. If they tie, Washington wins the East. And the chance of the Packers and 49ers losing is low. Also, if only the Packers lose, Seahawks still play @ the NFC East winner as the 5th seed.

3: Bears @ Seahawks

This is IF the Packers win, but 49ers stumble, there by handing us the division and #3 seed.

4. 1st round BYE

Obviously the Packers AND 49ers have to lose to make this happen.

In other words, football in Seattle has gotten interesting. Does the 12th Man believe in miracles?