M’s Notes: Ibanez, Swisher, Ross, Edwin Jackson, Rick Porcello, Joe Saunders

Yesterday afternoon I was reunited with the bro known as Sean Kramer, and after about 120 oz. of porter early in the day, the rest of the day included even more drinking, and even worse food decisions (including three Doritos Locos Tacos and a hot dog with peanut butter and bacon).

Amid our stupor, some news came across the wire:

The Mariners signed Raul Ibanez. He’s got a $2.75 million contract and it makes very little sense. He’s not demonstrably better than a guy like say Mike Sweeney. He perhaps better than Jason Bay, but at best they’re relatively redundant despite hitting from different sides of the plate. With Kendrys Morales already on the roster, and likely the team’s opening day first baseman, the Mariners are in a position where Ibanez and Bay will either take reps away from Jesus Montero, Justin Smoak, or take more innings in the outfield than they deserve.

Of course, this could be the precursor to other moves. It might not be a precursor to other moves. It may be a move that stands alone, and the move that it precedes is the optioning of Smoak or Montero to Tacoma. There’s no reason to be excited about signing a 41 year old guy that can’t play outfield anymore. Ibanez may hit well next year, though, and even away from home had an average-ish ISO.

Nick Swisher and Cody Ross signed yesterday. Swisher signed with the Indians for four years, $56 million. Ross signed with the Diamondbacks for three years, $26 million. Swisher is from Ohio, and Ross is from New Mexico. New Mexico isn’t in Arizona, but it’s a lot closer to Arizona than Seattle. Both guys may be a bit overpriced, and seemed to give preferential treatment to their home region. Whatever.

The good news is that it looks like the Diamondbacks have increased their efforts to trade an outfielder. The Mariners could use an outfielder unless they think Ibanez is an outfielder.

Edwin Jackson signed with the Cubs, the Mariners are in on Joe Saunders, and the Tigers are trying to trade Rick Porcello. Edwin Jackson was too expensive. Joe Saunders isn’t good enough to spend much money on. And for the right price, Rick Porcello makes a lot of sense in Seattle.

  • maqman

    Raul is an okay bench bat for high leverage situations and he did play LF for the Yankees for about 1/3 of the seasons games. Being obsessive about being prepared is a good example for the kids.

    The Tigers need bullpen help and we could spare Capps or Pryor and another spare part or two for Porcello or for Capuano from the Dodgers. Porcello is young but his numbers aren’t great, Capuano is proven but more expensive.

    Z isn’t finished yet but the team is surely going to be at least decent next year, .500 at the least I believe and could win in the mid-80s.

    Happy holidays to all.