Seahawks-49ers: Battle royale within the NFC West

Michael RobinsonWho would have honestly thought this Sunday night in Seattle would mean so much?

Any Seahawks fan earlier this year probably did not think this NFC West match up  would carry so many headlines.

The NFC West leading, San Fransisco 49ers are coming to Seattle to have a royal clash with the Seattle Seahawks. This game will be entertaining until the clock reads 0:00. You may question yourself in wondering why such a game would mean so much? I’m here to mention a few of the key points in this game that will determine the top gladiators in Sunday’s brawl.

Blood, guts, and glory are the recipe for a good power football team, and the 49ers and Seahawks both have defenses that fall under this category. San Fransisco comes into this game with the NFL’s number one defense with Seattle chomping at their heels at number two. Jim Harbaugh‘s defense has given up 218 points to opposing offenses, while Seattle has only surrendered 219. The 49ers 218 points are a league best in allowing points, while Seattle has outscored opponents 108-17 over the past two weeks thanks in part to their defense. Names like Aldon Smith, Patrick WillisBobby Wagner, Red Bryant, and maybe even Richard Sherman may be the reason one of these two teams win this Sunday. There will be fights, there will be bickering and jawing…but isn’t that what makes this NFC West match up a classic?

Great defense wins games, but it seems like there are two quarterbacks that are stealing the true highlights of this game. Colin Kapernick and Russell Wilson who is one of the front runners for Rookie of the year are facing each other for the first time. Wilson has 0 red zone interceptions this season, and most of his 21 touchdowns come off expanding the play with his feet. Wilson has the eyes and agility to sense pressure in the pocket and can scramble away before tossing it for six.  In week seven, Wilson didn’t exactly light up anybody’s attention, but you could blame that on butterfingers if you truly watched this game. He was 9/23 for 122 yards and had some beautiful passes that were dropped that had a huge part in Seattle’s 6-13 loss to these same 49ers. Better hands and playing at home should give Wilson the confidence on Sunday!

Do not get me started on Kapernick, he should not even be playing! I feel sorry for Alex Smith, because the only reason Kapernick is playing, is because Smith concussed himself earlier this season. There should be some rule that a player cannot be benched because of an injury. I mean, the 49ers were winning with Smith right? If anybody thinks Seattle cannot defend against Kapernick, they are wrong. The Seahawks practice against a guy like Kapernick every day, but the only difference is, the person they are practicing against is a whole lot better. Kapernick does not have the ability to throw the long ball and all he does is do little dump off passes and run. In other words, it will be lunch time once again for the Seahawks defense.

Marshawn Lynch will carry the load in the backfield once again for the Seahawks, and Frank Gore will be the powerhouse for San Fransisco. Lynch is still second in the NFL in yards behind the Vikings, Adrian Peterson. Lynch averages about 6.2 yards per carry over the last two games and has ran over the century mark as well in helping Seattle on their current winning streak. Once again, Lynch will have to assist Wilson in opening up the passing game with run blocking and pounding the rock when he is called upon to do it. You can expect Robert Turbin to split some of the carries too. Should be a great defensive and offensive effort that will go to the last second.

Some notable things to mention for this week:

Sidney Rice is questionable once again, he has not practiced this week so far and has a knee injury.

Jason Jones has been shelved to injured reserve due to a knee injury.

Richard Sherman is still awaiting the news on his appeal which is scheduled for today. I will bring an update on this as soon as possible.

This game has been flexed to NBC’s Sunday Night Football. Kickoff is scheduled for 5:20 p.m. pacific standard time.

With a Seahawks win, Seattle will earn a playoff berth. There are many other scenarios that gets Seattle into the post season even if the Seahawks lose Sunday night, but those will not be spoken of, simply because of the fact Seattle will win.

This is one of the biggest games this season and it will be loud as hell. Kapernick and his 49ers better prepare for the noise because the 12th Man will bring it.