2012 Seahawks Among Most Exciting, Most Accomplished Seahawks Teams

Jake Reeder makes tifo for the Emerald City Supporters, and can be found waving an enormous flag at most Sounders home matches, and many Sounders away matches. Flag is not a perverted double entendre. 

The last few year’s I have decided to adopt a sliding, very subjective scale when it comes to gauging my reaction to that which is intended to entertain or otherwise amuse me.

This started with movies, several years ago, when I decided it was most fair to weigh a movie against expectations.  This is the sliding scale that has allowed me to genuinely enjoy films such as “Avatar” and “Hangover 2”, and be disappointed in “The Dark Knight” (really, what was the big deal?). While I recognize that some movies are objectively good and others objectively bad, this doesn’t necessarily have to add much value to my ability to enjoy any movie-watching experience; that, and that I rarely go to the theatre any more and it’s far easier to shut off my TV than walk out.

As you can see, this can easily be transferred into sports, and even friendships and relationships. As a matter of fact, I highly recommend it as a manner of coping.

I am primarily known in the local sports community as a Sounders Supporter, but as many area sports fans I cut my sports fandom teeth as a Seattle Seahawks fan.  I like to think of myself as a bit of a amateur team historian, as long as we are talking about anything after ’82 (c’mon, I was eight when Chuck Knox and Curt Warner came to town) and excluding the years I was in college and we almost moved to Anaheim (’94-97).

It is because of this I can safely say that this is already a top five season in team history in terms of interest and excitement; and will become a top five season in terms of measurable achievement with a win over the San Fran cisco 49ers on Sunday night.

But let me make my Sounders comparison first. I recognize that the Seattle Sounders have been an objectively good MLS team over their four seasons. But you also can’t tell me that each of the last three seasons has somehow ended with a palpable sense of unmet expectations and disappointment. This is the REAL problem, from where I stand.

I know, you’re going to say that, barring a Super Bowl win, the Seahawks season will end in disappointment, either with a playoff loss or somehow missing the playoffs (which would be pretty fucking disappointing, let’s face it). Yeah, that feeling lasts for a couple days, and then you decide to weigh the season against expectations.

I’ve already heard some faint whining out there that NBC’s Sunday Night Football in America Game won’t be for the division lead. So what! The helmeted gentlemen wearing Navy on the field on Sunday—led by a rookie QB—will be playing to write themselves into the Seahawks lore, and we want to be there to say that we watched it, live. Okay, snicker if you will about this franchise’s underwhelming history, and then tell me you don’t want to be there on Sunday.

A win on Sunday gets us 10 wins and a playoff berth. The Seahawks have had five 10-or-more-win seasons in their history; in 1986 we went 10-6 but didn’t make the playoffs. It also gets us a win against a division rival which just took the NFC West crown and has beaten us four straight times, and won the last two division titles.

It may make the marketing a bit tougher for NBC, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t the biggest Seahawks’ home game in two years. You can’t tell me the luster can come off this incredible season that could result in the third best record in team history. Everything is still on the table, except for some piece of fabric that says we were the best of a group of four teams.

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