Seahawks Go Oppa Gangnam Style in Rout of Buffalo

History was made within the Seahawks organization as the Seattle Seahawks destroyed the Buffalo Bills in, Toronto, Canada. It was the second straight week where the Seahawks have scored 50+ points, and something that has not been done since 1960.

Russell Wilson was apart of this history as he rushed for three touchdowns and threw for one more. Wilson scored on runs of 4, 14, and 24 yards and then hit Zach Miller for a 4-yard touchdown that resulted in 31 points on their first five possessions.

Seattle’s smash mouth defense did what they do best, and that is creating turnovers. They had three takeaways, including a 57-yard interception return by Earl Thomas.

Buffalo’s quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick had fits with the Seahawks defense all afternoon. He threw three interceptions and lost a fumble and was eventually benched in the 4th quarter in favor of Tyler Thigpen.

C.J. Spiller carried most of the load on Sunday, as he rushed for 1,000 yards for the first time in his career. Seattle’s skittles munching, Marshawn Lynch ran for over 100 yards again and scored on a 13-yard touchdown run against his former team.

This of course occurred after a 58-0 home win against the Arizona Cardinals, the Seahawks who are now undefeated at home can clinch a wild card playoff berth with a win against the 49ers this Sunday Night.

The Seahawks also are still in contention of the NFC West championship. After the 49ers win last night it certainly makes things harder, but if the 49ers lose to the Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals, and if the Seahawks win out…the Seahawks are going to get back what was theirs in the first place.

Pete Carroll has taken some heat for going for a fake punt when the Seahawks were already up 30 points. Had this been the Patriots pulling this stunt, the media wouldn’t give a damn about it. However, once the Seahawks do it, it’s a crime. Seattle is in it to win it, they are not going to sit and play nice.

The only highlight the Buffalo Bills had in this game was the halftime show. PSY performed his famous, “Gangnam Style” in front of roughly 40,000 at the Rogers Center in Toronto. The Seahawks certainly went Oppa Gangnam Style on Buffalo.

It has been mentioned there were Seahawks fans in observance, Patriots, and even Steeler fans at the game on Sunday. Hell, there were even Blue Jay fans that started chanting, “Let’s go Blue Jays!” once Buffalo started playing like a high school team.

Seriously though, the Seahawks have a lot to play for these last two weeks and if they can hold down the fort they will continue to play like champions.