Mariners Sign Jason Bay

The Mariners signed Jason Bay today. Unless they’ve announced terms by the end of my lunch break I’m going to assume it’s a minor league deal with a non-roster invite. Of course, if terms are disclosed by the end of my lunch break this paragraph will disappear and you’ll never know it existed, unless I leave it in to blow your mind. This post is the Hot Tub Time Machine of posts. If I go back and change the past, it will likely effect the future.

Jason Bay is a Mariner. He’s probably not going to be a very good Mariner, and there’s a pretty reasonable chance that he doesn’t even make it out of spring with the team, depending on the terms of the deal.

Some people are going to be angry because he’s Jason Bay, and the recent Jason Bay has been generally awful. If he were Wily Mo Pena, and had been generally awful his whole career this would be considered “taking a flier.” But since we know about Jason Bay enough to have an opinion about him, we don’t want him to be a Mariner.

Our opinion of Bay is diminished by the fact that he used to be good. Why couldn’t he have just had the foresight to suck for his entire career?

I’m in support of the Bay signing, but I don’t think it something that we really need to build a very tall partisan fence for. I don’t know if I believe that Bay “still has it.” I haven’t seen him healthy enough to make that determination. I know that the Mariners need hitters, and Bay used to be able to hit. If he can hit again, he’s likely to be a bargain. If he can’t hit he’s likely to be released back into free agency. My approval of this signing is qualified by my expectation that they didn’t break the bank on Bay, and that he’s not guaranteed a roster spot, even if a portion of his contract is guaranteed (if they cut him it would be picked up by his next team, anyways). I’ve yet to read an unqualified opposition with any intelligent merit.

This move probably doesn’t matter, but people will have strong opinions on it. It probably doesn’t warrant a strong opinion either way from anyone, but that has never stopped anyone from forming a strong opinion in the past, and unless that whole time machine thing at the stupid beginning of this post comes true, that won’t change with this post.

  • maqman

    ” I’ve yet to read an unqualified opposition with any intelligent merit.” Only because I’m not particularly opposed to the move. As you note he can be cut after spring training and not cost much. Supposedly he’s getting just over $1MM but should only get 1/6 of that if dropped before the season. He could be Z’s 2013 season rehab hit, as Oliver Perez was last season – or not.

  • Balless in Portland

    I wanted to vote on the poll but dang man…I don’t want to see anyone else develop ..I want to see someone breakout! I think Ackley, Seager, Saunders and Montero are all primed to have breakout seasons. Who says they all can’t hit .300 or better? We know pitching is strong…now we need someone to hit the ball out of Safeco on a regular basis. Bay is not the answer…Hamilton feels like a long shot even though everyone remains hopeful.

    • Casey McLain

      I hope you’re right. A Hamilton signing seems like it would be out of desperation. It would be way easier if all those guys just broke out like you said.