Hair of the Dog Poll: Was this the Worst Weekend Ever in Seattle Sports?

Was this the worst sports weekend in Seattle history?

I ask this question for only Seattle Sports fans. You don’t have to live in Seattle, but if you’re a Coug, or have some other awkward affiliation please only include your Seattle ties. This weekended included:

A Huskies football loss in the Apple Cup

A Huskies loss to Colorado State

The Seahawks losing to the Miami Dolphins

And Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner’s imminent suspensions

And I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the Sonics departure from Seattle, or Dave Neihaus leaving this earth. Those events trancend sports.

From a sports standpoint, was this the worst weekend ever? Let me know in the comments what weekend was worse.

Was this this worst sports weekend in Seattle history?

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