Sleepy Seahawks Lose Control in Playoff Picture

Tonight, when looking over my fantasy football league standings, I had a revelation, which I announced to my roommate, who was looking over different win/loss scenarios that would allow him to squeak into the playoffs: “There’s nothing better than controlling your own destiny.”

These Seahawks had every opportunity to do that. Looking at the NFC, most scenarios would say that 10-6 would be the road map to the playoffs. A win on Sunday would have Seattle looking at a 7-4 record, looking for three wins out of five, with three games left at home, where they’ve yet to be beaten this year.

Instead, what they chose to do is lose another very winnable road game to a lesser team, leaving their fate in the hands of the rest of the NFC.

Isn’t this getting old?

OK OK, go ahead, tell me about how it’s the longest road trip in the NFL. About a 1o am wakeup. About home field advantage meaning loud crowds on defense, and strange surroundings.

Even after all that bullshit, doesn’t there come a point where we say, “you’re professional football players. Fucking play like it.”?!

Or does Pete Carroll have to go all Hoosiers on the team, and tape measure the height of the goal posts and the length from end zone to end zone???

At some point can’t we as fans expect that when we have a team which has better players at every position on the field, EVERY POSITION ON THE FUCKING FIELD, it won’t matter if they play in Seattle, LA, London, China, Mars, WHEREVER,  everyone will wake up and play like the pro football team they’re supposed to be??

Apparently not. Because the Seahawks find themselves staring 6-5 right in the face, and now may lose two of their biggest defensive weapons for a quarter of the season. (Read about THAT gem)

So, here we are. Two road games left, one against one of the top NFC teams, and three home divisional home games left, all against teams the Hawks have already lost to this year. I’d love to say that Seattle has a clear road map to the playoffs, but they just don’t. It’s just a bunch of, “well, Atlanta and New Orleans play each other”, and “gee, four conference wins can’t do it, but five can.”

It’s really maddening. And even if this team sneaks in, why would we have one inkling they’d actually do anything there? A wildcard slot means definitely playing your first playoff game on the road, and most likely the remaining ones too. Right now, if the Seahawks had a matchup against the Sisters of Saint Mercy, and the game was at the convent, I might very well give the nuns the edge.

Lots of fans referred to the 2005 team as a “team of destiny”. The 2012 team is the “team that let destiny be controlled by everybody else.”

And everybody else wants to get into the playoffs too.