Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner Suspended Four Games for PEDs

After losses by the Huskies in the Apple Cup and against Colorado State in basketball, then a Seahawks loss this afternoon, it didn’t seem like this weekend could get any worse.

A couple years ago when Tim Lincecum got busted with weed, I remember the collective northwest fanbase exclaiming a resounding, sarcastic “no shit?”

Three years later sports fans are met with a huge Transformers fan who got busted for ADD medication?

We don’t know that, but last week fellow member of the secondary, and fellow “my brother” Winston Guy got suspended for a banned substance, and today two more members of the secondary: Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner got suspended also. Adderall has become a common cause of guys getting busted for PEDs, and guy in a secondary that is already oversized seem unlikely to be attempting to add mass with things like steroids or human growth hormone.

From a fan’s perspective there may be some inclination to hope that Sherman and Browner are stand up guys and face the music, especially if they are in fact guilty. However, considering that the two are backed up by oft-injured Walter Thurmond and an aging Marcus Trufant, having at least one of Browner and Sherman appeal to help stagger the suspensions a bit may be in the team’s best interest.

The Seahawks are in the thick of a wildcard race, and that race got thicker today with the Seahawks losing a winnable road game, and the Bucs and Vikings tied with the Seahawks in terms of record (though both are behind due to tie breakers) and the Saints, Cowboys, and Redskins all within a game of the Seahawks.

Browner and Sherman have been the safety net for an occasionally sputtering offense, and have truly become the signature piece of a team that for the first time in a long time is better on defense than offense. Sherman has signed that signature for the defense, confronting Tom Brady during and after a victory against New England, and changing his Twitter handle to “Optimus Prime” in the week approaching the Seahawks game against Detroit, whose wide receiver Calvin Johnson goes by “Megatron.”

The main concern dealing with a PED suspension though, isn’t one of the length of the suspension, or validity. We’ve seen these fought. Unless Sherman and Browner have Ryan Braun’s agent and lawyer, the chances of these suspensions being lifted, or even reduced are pretty remote.

The real concern is akin to a chicken and egg argument. Are Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman good, but made a crucial mistake? Or are they good because they used PEDs. Will they be the same when they come back?

Those are tough questions, and with very little information or precedent to go off, optimists like myself will have to give Browner and Sherman our skeptical benefits of the doubt.