The Perfect Hollywood Ending

I don’t like to think about the end. Of anything really. But now we have reached what appears to be judgement day for the Rave Green of Seattle Sounders FC and through all the success, failure, trials and tribulations that have made up the past eight months — the end could come tonight.

I try not to think about the events of last Sunday evening. We lost, badly, and that’s that. We borrowed a shovel from the very fitting Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. and dug a giant-ass hole for ourselves. Mind you the Sounders have done this before — last season in fact in the first left of the Western Conference Semis in Salt Lake.

Now we walk back into our home, play on our turf and perform in front of our fans knowing that a miracle needs worked. Seattle is down 3-0 to the LA Galaxy, but in no way are they out.

A Herculean effort is needed for 90 — or possible 120 minutes — tonight at CenturyLink Field, but although the odds are stacked against Seattle, there remains heavy glimmers of hope and reminders of the past why Seattle can get the victory tonight. Beating the Galaxy 4-0 tonight is the simple answer. Seattle would move on to the promise land that is the MLS Cup Final and we would vanquish one of the dragons that has haunted us in the past. It’s also key to remember — we’ve beaten LA 4-0 before… at home… this season.

Hell, every SSFC fan in the world would even settle for a three-goal victory tonight and extra-time. Anything that after 90 minutes doesn’t leave us feeling sick to our stomaches.

There’s no question that the Galaxy can give up goals, the problem is them scoring a few. One week ago Seattle was playing for the draw and got pummeled by the likes of Robbie Keane and Landon Donovan. Mission No.2 tonight after scoring is stopping the breaks that these pretty boys are so good at.

The final key for tonight — much like last season — is the health of Mauro Rosales. This is a team that desperately needs their captain and playmaker back on the pitch. We already know that Eddie Johnson and Fredy Montero are fit to go up top together, but the absence of Rosales would make this Mountain Seattle is trying to climb less like K2 and more like Everest. The other injury concern is that of Leo Gonzalez who’s been out for a few weeks nursing “a niggle in the ole’ ham shank” (thank my British buddy for that saying).

Projected Starting XI (with Rosales and Gonzalez)

GK – Gspurning
CB – Parke             CB – Hurtado
RB – Johansson                      LB – Gonzalez
CDM – Alonso
LM – Rosales                 RM – Evans
CAM – Tiffert
FW – Johnson           FW – Montero

Projected Starting XI (without Rosales or Gonzalez)

GK – Gspurning
CB – Parke             CB – Hurtado
RB – Johansson                      LB – Evans
CDM – Alonso
LM – Tiffert                 RM – Zakuani
CAM – Martinez
FW – Johnson           FW – Montero

Obviously the absence of players like Rosales are key in the midfield, but I’d argue the absence of Gonzalez at LB is even bigger being that no one is there to take his place (Marc Burch, 2012 Terrible Human of the Year, Winner). And who knows, I may be way off on the no Rosales/Leo projection, but that’s how much those guys mean to this team and how shallow our massive depth is at times. Side note — Alex Caskey can be no where near this match.

There has never been a match this important to Sounders fans as the one tonight. Again, the odds are not at all in Seattle’s favor — but anyone who is counting the Rave Green out are about as dumb as they come.

Get to the match (still tickets for sale although over 40K have been sold), watch the game on TV or listen on the radio — I don’t care — just support this team as you have all season long. I expect the ECS to be crazy, the stadium to be rocking and most importantly the Seattle Sounders FC to walk of that plastic pitch that baby boy Beckham hates so much with a victory and the Western Conference Championship.

Finally, a little inspiration. Good luck Sounders — vanquish the Galaxy