Hair of the Dog: Podcast with Joe Davidson about Huskies Basketball Recruits, Josh Hamilton, Mariners Huge Screen, AL MVP Voting

Sometimes you say something is going to happen every week. Then a week later it doesn’t happen. A week after that it doesn’t happen again. Then you realize how easy it is to not make it happen. This is another stab at Hair of the Dog, our link post about the week that was. It should include some multi-media, too, but no promises.

Earlier this week the Washington Huskies mens basketball team signed a combo guard named Darin Johnson out of Sheldon High School in Sacramento. In other news, top-10 national recruit Aaron Gordon trimmed his list down to Washington, Arizona, and Kentucky.

I got a chance to talk to Joe Davidson of the Sacramento Bee about both players.

(About seven minutes of audio, I was late to interview Joe so he was on the road, headed to some high school football games, thus the occasional cell phone static)

The Huskies also signed Nigel Williams-Goss, a four star recruit from Nevada.

And the Huskies basketball team could use some help after an ugly loss to Albany.

The Huskies football team entered the BCS top 25 after beating Utah. Of course, the catalyst was beating Oregon State and Stanford. But whatever, top 25. Yay.

I had the pleasure on Thursday afternoon to tip a couple of adult beverages with Kris Brannon, better known as Sonics Guy. Kris is a guy that always has a lot going on, a lot of which is probably because he’s constantly switching between himself, and his alter ego. In a prior week I wouldn’t have been able to tell you who is the alter ego, and who is the actual guy. Fortunately, my girlfriend taught that exact topic to her sixth graders this week, so I can tell you that for me Sonics Guy is real, and Kris Brannon is Clark Kent.

Very cool, however, was that fellow super fan Big Lo called Kris in to hang out with Shawn Kemp on his weekly show, which you can view here.

Mariners news this week was a bit strange. The team has shown interest in Cody Ross’s services, Kevin Youkilis, and of course Josh Hamilton. Their interest in Hamilton makes sense for a team trying to add offense.

Hamilton is a year removed from an MVP season, and perhaps it it weren’t for Hamilton’s problems with drugs and alcohol in the past (including two highly publicized relapses since returning to baseball), and his energy drink and chewing tobacco issues of this year, he may have challenged Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout for the MVP award this year (like that argument needed another lightning rod). Instead Hamilton coasted through the second half of his season on the way to a pretty good season overall, but a pedestrian second half. Then Jack Zduriencik said he was unlikely to sign the slugger.

That could be because the Mariners just bought a big ass TV for $15 million. I basically refuse to take part in any kind of “black friday” or post-holiday shopping as a rule. It’s too crowded, and I hate shopping as it is. However, several years ago, a day after spending an embarrassing amount of money celebrating New Years, and waking up with one hell of a hangover, my friend and I made the trek to our local electronics super store. I found a 42” LCD TV, name brand, 1080P, on sale for less than $600.

Sure, I ate canned chili for a month to afford it, but I still have the TV to this day, and it’s awesome. In fact, I’m watching it right now.

Maybe that’s the Mariners philosophy, long after the fans are gone, and Josh Hamilton has relapsed, married Lindsay Lohan, divorced Lindsay Lohan, released a post-divorce sex tape with Lindsay Lohan, they’ll have a big ass TV to watch that sex tape on. All for more than $100 million less than Hamilton may have cost. What a bargain.

Back to that MVP race. We’re decidedly SABR-minded in our coverage of the Mariners. I encourage all of our writers to become familiar with advanced stats. So we should be really mad Mike Trout lost, right? Whatever. Trout was really, really good. He was probably better than Cabrera. Cabrera’s value was hurt however, because he played third base consistently for the first time since he was a Marlin. He’s a bad third baseman, but he didn’t fill out the lineup card. Cabrera had a wRC+ of 166, Trout had a wRC+ of 166. Cabrera had more plate appearances. Defensive value is tangible, and should be factored in, but I’m not so robotic that I must remove all romantic context.

Miguel Cabrera switched positions for the good of his team, and his team nearly won it all. If I had a vote I’d have voted for Trout, but it’s not like Cabrera was bad. It’s not like he was Mo Vaughn, or Bartolo Colon winning the Cy Young award. I’m fine with seniority having an effect on voting. I’m fine with not talking about this any more. I just don’t care that much about postseason awards.

  • maqman

    I don’t remember where I read the best comment on the AL MVP story or who made it, to paraphrase: The Angles only two MVP winners were Tim Salmon and Mike Trout, they were both signed by the same scout, you have to wonder what he used as bait. I’m old, I like corny.