ECS Portland Away in Some Words, Pictures, and One Video

Every day during the week I wake up at about 5 AM, drag myself out of bed, and drive to Tukwila. Every day. I don’t do that very many other days because well, in many ways, you’d literally have to pay me to make me go to Tukwila at that time of day.

But some things are worth it. After a night of more beers than I’d planned on, I woke up a half hour earlier, took a shower, and prepared myself for a day of fun and debauchery on a trip down to Portscum to watch the Sounders take on the Timbers.

Besides, it was time to walk the walk after talking the talk when I talked to Greg Mockos earlier this month.

Luckily, I had Brad Colyer as my spirit guide on the trip, and I came prepared.

Coffee for winners. Or I guess in this case, draw-ers.

Don’t worry, I waited until I got on the bus to start drinking. I mean, it was almost 7 AM, get off my back, mom.

Before boarding the bus, Brad tried to build a bonfire with the Timbers. That’s a Timbers player trading card. There was another piece of Timbers memorabilia burnt somewhere at some time too, so I heard or saw.

I made a new friend in my seat mate as Brad and I sat across the aisle from each other, and found out that my new seat mate was also a fan of lower-mid-shelf vodka in his coffee. His was real coffee.

The scene behind me on the bus ride.

And the scene in front…

If you saw Portland’s lineup get announced you were doing it wrong.

A much quieter bus ride home after a tough draw.

There are more favorable outcomes, sure. But I had a fucking blast and you should check it out too. The next trip is in less than two weeks as the Sounders take on the Vancouver Whitecaps in what figures to be a critical Cascadia Cup match.