Mariners trade Brandon League to the Dodgers for Leon Landry, Logan Bawcom

The Mariners have traded Brandon League to the Los Angeles Dodgers for prospects Leon Landry and Logan Bawcom.

Landry was a third round pick of the Dodgers in 2010, and has struggled a bit in the minors before hitting the California League this year. It’s worth pointing out that while Landry has an OPS of .917 that is very likely helped by the homeruns and doubles generated more easily in the hitter friendly league, that his 30 triples in about 1200 plate appearances are impressive, and that his only-155 strikeouts in that span are also a good mark.

He’s a good defender, though his present position of center field may shortly be a thing of the past once he’s in this organization. His above average range and arm strength, combined with offensive growth potential make Landry a potential fit in left field. Last year the Mariners received Trayvon Robinson from the Dodgers as part of a trade that sent Erik Bedard to the Red Sox. That will perhaps be used as an indictment of Landry, though it shouldn’t because Landry doesn’t have a huge contact issue like Robinson.

Bawcom is kind of the Dodgers answer to Forrest Snow, and figures to be a middle reliever at some point very soon, but probably not much more than that ever. He does boast an impressive 10.9 K/9 and a 3.04 K/BB ratio since turning professional, though, and has spent most of is time in the minors as a closer (49 saves).

Neither guy is a world beater, but I’d expect to see each of them at the majors soon, and if Landry is a reasonable fraction of his California League numbers he could be a candidate to start in left field in the future.

  • maqman

    A good time to move League, it saves the M’s over a million on this years payroll and Leagues future is behind him.  They would have had to non-tender him if they didn’t trade him.  Seems like they got as much he was worth in return and the price is lower, what’s not to like?