Mariners Trade Ichiro to the New York Yankees

According to several sources, Ichiro has been traded to the New York Yankees today for two minor league pitchers. The two minor league pitchers are probably not worth more than a look, and don’t figure to be a large part of the trade, but any salary relief the Mariners may receive is good news.

We’ll talk with a prominent Yankees blogger tomorrow about the trade and the two prospects involved.

One of the immediate questions that pops into one’s head has to do with the next Mariners starting right fielder. The smartest choice at this point is probably Casper Wells, who is right handed and offsets a heavily left handed lineup, is a good defender, and has been hitting the hell out of the ball for the better part of two weeks.

The Yankees are in town, and as a guy who has not been in Ichiro’s corner for some time now, I hope that Mariners fans don’t turn nasty on Ichiro during this series. He was a good Mariner, a very good Mariner for most of his career, and a great Mariner for a few brief stretches. He’ll enter the hall of fame as a Mariner. Ichiro deserves a standing ovation.

  • Anonymous

    He got the standing O and truly deserved it, as he will his election into the HOF.  I buy into the idea that he did this to help the team.  He was reputed to be selfish, this was not a selfish act.  He could have stayed around for some years, the team offered him an extension but he got it – that the team needed to play the kids and his contribution no longer deserved what he would be paid.  This secured his legacy in Seattle.  He didn’t drive off into the night or sign for as much as he could get elsewhere, he did the right thing.  I for one will always admire this act as much as I did his talent.  He was the only man in the game with his first name on his back, which seems right, he was absolutely unique.  I thank him for the pleasure he brought into my life.