Marshawn Lynch Possibly Blows Hawks’ Season in One Night

I recently had a conversation with Casey McLain about him wanting more of my unabashed, first-blush, emotion-riddled commentary and reaction on this blog. Well, HERE IT IS!

I’m so disappointed and upset I literally feel sick to my stomach. I just want to puke. Marshawn Lynch, the supposed franchise player for Seattle, the four-year, 31 million dollar running back, just got himself arrested over the weekend for the most idiotic and unexplainable charge for a person of his income level: a DUI.

Somebody’s going to have to explain to me how it is that athletes get DUIs. If I was a professional athlete, I’d have a team of drivers. They’d live at my house, and there would always be one on staff at any given time. If I wanted Taco Bell at 3 am, I’d say ‘Hey, let’s go!” and off we would go. And I’d brag about it. How stupid is it that someone who makes that kind of money would drive when they can just pay someone else to do it??

The suspension is going to be at least four games. Probably six. Lynch has already been suspended before, after getting arrested for a weapons charge. And there was the incident of hitting a woman with a car outside a Buffalo nightclub. The beginning of the Seahawks season is going to be dismal. This is the teams they’re playing right off the bat: Arizona, Green Bay, Dallas, St. Louis, Carolina, New England. How many games do you see this team winning without Marshawn Lynch? I see one victory there without him. He’s what probably 70% of your offense is centered around. Now you’re left changing your ENTIRE offensive philosophy. And that’s for the first four to six games AT LEAST. Which means if you want to sneak out of those first six games with a 3-3 or 2-4 record, Matt Flynn is going to have to be basically all-world. And I don’t think that’s going to happen. That’s not what he was brought in here to do. Flynn was brought to Seattle to compliment Lynch. Not the other way around.

Marshawn Lynch, by signing that contract, entered an agreement with more depth than just years and dollar figures. He agreed to be Seattle’s franchise player. The face of the team. The guy on whose shoulders they were going to put the team and say, “Go lead us to championships.” And to take that responsibility, from a franchise who has been very careful about this rebuild to put all the right pieces in place, frankly to me spits in the face of John Schneider, spits in the face of Pete Carroll, and spits in the face of every Seahawks fan who has bought a jersey, or showered the Fieldturf at CenturyLink with Skittles. It’s so much more than just a player getting arrested for DUI. It’s so much farther beyond that. It’s sentencing this team and these fans to another year of 5-11, 6-10, or 7-9 football. And after suffering through another Mariners season of shit game after shit game, I’m not sure how much shit football I can put up with watching.

Marshawn Lynch just spit in your face, Seattle. How do you feel about it? ‘Cuz I’m mad as hell.

  • Tracihastings

    beyond being pissed off that his stupidity took the first part of our season, I’m feeling for the kids who are following lynch’s career and would give their lunch money for a year to meet him or watch him play.  not only did he spit in our faces, he spit in these kids’ faces…. and that just makes me want to take his jersey back to the store.

    • Casey McLain

      Let alone that he may have cost the Seahawks a win or two!