It’s Time for Seahawks Receivers to Step Up

The Seahawks’ release of Mike Williams on Friday is nothing less than a warning shot to the rest of the Seattle receiving corps. To the team, really: Step up or ship out.

I was really excited to see what Mike Williams could do this season with a quarterback who had the ability to throw to the middle of the field. I’ll just have to join Pete Carroll and John Schneider, and be disappointed. By the way, I don’t buy for one second that Williams was let go because he wasn’t healing fast enough. Deon Butler has basically spent a year and a half recovering from a broken leg, and you don’t see him getting the ax. Williams was given his walking papers because he didn’t give the effort necessary to play on a Pete Carroll team. We’ve seen the OTA pictures. Williams is fat again. Probably 30 lbs. over his playing weight from two years ago, maybe more. Fact is, he just got complacent, and stopped trying. So now, the Hawks will stop paying, and the fans will stop caring.

What this move does is tells the other receivers it’s time to step up. It’s time to prove that you can be productive for this team. It’s time to show that you can — oh GOD, I’m going to say it, aren’t I?? — comPETE for a starting position in Seattle. Sidney Rice, if he can stay healthy, will start on one side, and I really look for Doug Baldwin to emerge as the second starter. If Golden Tate continues his slow but steady improvement, he’d be a good 3rd option in the slot. You keep Obomanu around as a solid backup and 4th option, and let Lockette and Butler battle it out for the 5th spot; a battle I see Lockette winning, because of his size and youth.

Training camp is exactly two weeks away. It’s finally time to talk about Seahawks football.