2012 NBA Draft/Washington Huskies draft analysis LIVE BLOG

Happy NBA draft day everybody. For a majority of those in Husky Nation, including Lorenzo Romar himself, this is a very bittersweet day. 

Any time a Dawg gets drafted to represent U-Dub at the highest level it’s usually considered an honor for us. This last decade has seen a basketball renaissance in this city and with this program, Tony Wroten and Terrence Ross are no exceptions.

What is bitter is that for all of the raw talent and athleticism that Wroten and Ross brought the court for the Huskies, the results have failed to materialize in the win column for the program. Instead, Wroten will bounce after one underwhelming season with the Huskies. Ross, after two seasons with the Huskies, and one NCAA Tournament appearance that he had little to do with.

Enough complaining though. The kids have made their decisions, Ross is a lock to be a top 20 pick. Tony Wroten will end up on an NBA bench, at the very least. We can all be armchair GMs and coaches, but at that you can’t say they made a bad decision. The program will move on. Hopefully these two kids end up in situations where they can make Husky Nation proud. We’ll have more on trades and selections as they happen, especially as they pertain to former UW and Seattle area players.


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    @NASORB Not true @KramdawgSean, Paul Allen was leaking picks two in advance.