Danny Hultzen Rainiers Debut Live Blog

So Danny Hultzen will be making his first start today in Colorado Springs (great place for a soft landing) and I’ll be watching it via the MiLB.tv feed and live blogging about it here. This is my first venture in to MiLB.tv so this should be a good learning experience.

Hultzen has absolutely dominated in Jackson so far this year, and has really dominated after struggling with his control early. He hasn’t given up a run so far in June, and he’s averaging more than a strikeout per inning for the season, and has taken care of his walk problem to a large extent so far in June.

At the beginning of the season I called Danny Hultzen the Mariners No. 2 prospect. That’s still true, because Taijuan Walker has Felix Hernandez potential, but Hultzen will make the big leagues much sooner. I predict he’ll start a handful of games in Tacoma, and if all goes well he’ll be in the bigs before September.

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  • http://twitter.com/Hull_MRT/status/216687437022363649 Jonathan Hull (@Hull_MRT)

    @CaseyMcLain34 Don’t be cursing my star prospect!

  • http://twitter.com/Hull_MRT/status/216690136975552512 Jonathan Hull (@Hull_MRT)

    @CaseyMcLain34 Well hell… Guess I can’t hope for a terribly short stint in Triple-A.

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    @CaseyMcLain34 pessimist. He could settle down and go 3 more…

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    @CaseyMcLain34 what was the question?

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    @CaseyMcLain34 nerves

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    @CaseyMcLain34 are you with @KramdawgSean?

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to AAA Mr. Hultzen and Mr. Franklin.  Take a seat and learn.