Mariners Beat Diamondbacks, Including WFB, a Putz, and Bonus Andrew Carraway vs. Trevor Bauer Coverage

I’d like to start with a big thanks to Mikey Schwartze, who took care of the recap last night on mine and my girlfriend’s anniversary (I love you, lady). Tonight I asked if he could do the game, and he couldn’t because he was going to the same place I was, the Trevor Bauer vs. Andrew Carraway start at Cheney stadium. You should check out what he writes about it over at MLB Dirt.

Both pitchers have kind of funky deliveries. Carraway brings his throwing arm way around his body on his windup so that it is almost behind his right ear.

This isn’t the same pitch, but the middle frame shows Andrew Carraway’s funky arm motion.

Bauer by contrast has a herky-jerky motion that is much like that of Roy Oswalt. He delivers the ball with bent knees and his center of gravity very low. He throws a mid-90’s fastball and a mid-70’s curve that really upset a hitters timing, and what looks like a slider and a change/splitter that give him three distinct pitch speeds. The curve and fastball both looked plus, and he hit 96 in the fifth inning, his last.

Carraway is readily available talent. He’s what Erasmo Ramirez would be if he threw 89 MPH. He’s a poor man’s Erasmo Ramirez, and Ramirez is almost a non-prospect. Anyone excited about Carraway based on his Jackson numbers is probably over-excited. His delivery does seem deceiving though, as he’s able to challenge hitters up in the zone with a high-80’s fastball.

I’d still rather have Danny Hultzen.

Bauer had some serious command issues, walking four, and hanging two offspeed pitches to Alex Liddi and Carlos Peguero. Those guys are basically identical, in that they punish mistakes and whiff on everything else. Liddi went opposite field for a homerun and Carlos Peguero hit a homerun down the right field line that cleared the fence that separates Foss High School from the rest of the world. I didn’t exactly have a rangefinder or anything out there, but I’d estimate that fence at approximately 380 feet. Clearing it puts Peguero in the 400+ foot range down the line. He has scary power, and no plate discipline, still.

Speaking of power, the Mariners were hot on the road again, as they’ve been prone to be. Justin Smoak hit a homerun in the second, and Kyle Seager and Brendan Ryan hit homeruns in the fifth. Justin Smoak leads the Mariners in homeruns. In past years that would be a pretty pathetic statement, it’s not altogether not pathetic this time around, but it’s much better because at least Smoak is in double digits. It would be nice to see Seager go on a tear to end the month. He’s been a bit below league average this month after posting a 133 wRC+ in May.

The same Erasmo Ramirez I made fun of earlier started today’s game, and got hit pretty hard. Erasmo Ramirez isn’t a good big league pitcher. It’s not his fault, a lot of it probably has to do with him being just under six feet tall and the flatness of the plane he’s throwing on. Guys are squaring balls up off him on a regular basis. Still he struck out five in five innings today. But for all those people calling for Hector Noesi to lose his job, remember who is waiting in the wings. Apart from Danny Hultzen (foreshadowing) there isn’t anyone at a high level that is really ready to come to the big leagues and make an impact.

Opposing pitcher Daniel Hudson is a much better prospect, but didn’t fare any better. He pitched only four innings and while he struck out six, he also gave up seven runs.

Willie Bloomquist hit a triple to lead off Arizona’s half of the first inning. Bloomquist has generally been pretty awful against the Mariners since leaving, coming into tonight batting .200/.234/.200. But tonight WFB hit a triple. His ISO is now greater than zero. Interestingly, but totally unrelated, former fellow-overrated-Mariner, then former Kansas City Royal teammate of Bloomquist’s Yuniesky Betancourt has absolutely destroyed the Mariners to a .260/.288/.480. None of this means anything, but both these guys still have jobs on teams that I respect their personnel team. That’s weird.

J.J. Putz in all of his travel-website-claymation-character-look-alike glory pitched a scoreless ninth for the Diamondbacks, but came back in the 10th and walked Justin Smoak and gave up a single to Dustin Ackley. Casper Wells would eventually drive in the game-winning runs, but I wanted to highlight Putz because I think Putz is annoying. Putz seems like the kind of guy that if you were having ac onversation with him he’d spend his whole time not listening to you, but rather thinking of the next unrelated segue way he was going to execute to talk about his own shitty boring life. He seems like he’d be a one-upper. That shit is annoying.

I know that there has been a lot of talk about struggling Mariners, mainly Ichiro, but one guy that has had a lot of SABR-loving fans in his corner is Brendan Ryan. Ryan has never been billed as a good hitter, and while he’s still below the Mendoza line, it’s worth noting that he’s walked 26 times this year. His career high is 34 walks in a season. His OBP is only four points below that of Ichiro, and he’ plays really really great defense. I’m not calling for the Mariners to leadoff Ryan (Seriously¸Eric Wedge, if by some crazy occurrence you’ve stumbled across this game recap, don’t do it), but he’s doing things to make himself less-worthless at the plate. He does all of the small ball stuff well too, but I’m going to be curious to see if he continues to walk at the same rate as his BABIP luck turns around at the plate.

The Mariners had a pretty crazy game, giving up nine runs, but they scored 12, and Tom Wilhelmsen ignited a barrage of Dave Sims bartender references, and finished the game off by striking out the side, including striking out last night’s cycle man Aaron Hill on two 98 MPH fastballs in a row.

By the way, the even better news, Danny Hultzen and Nick Franklin will be called up to Tacoma tomorrow per Ryan Divish.

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    Andy Carraway is not ready for The Show yet and may never be.  I’d swap Noesi for Iwakuma or Furbush out of the pen.  They might have more to offer at this point.  Maybe not, but it’s worth a shot.