Noesi Tosses an Unrewarded Gem, Mariners Lose Fourth Straight

Remember a week ago, when we were all sitting around fat and happy on some great Mariners offensive performances? That was fun. And for a team deserved of the over used analogy “rollercoaster” the Mariners are presently in a valley in terms of their offensive performance. So all the people who are just angry bitter traditionalists that value batting average and RBIs also assume this team hasn’t improved because “when they pitch they can’t hit, and when they hit they can’t pitch.”

Welcome to fucking baseball.

Watching a baseball team is like going out on a charter boat. When you’re far enough off shore you begin to wonder if you will ever remember what land looks like. For some, land is a good place where they’re legs aren’t wobbly and their nose isn’t coated with a partially digested version of last night’s dinner, for others land means the end of a very good trip. No matter which guy you are (in real life I’m the throwing up out of my nose guy), if you float around long enough, you’ll eventually put your feet on solid ground again, whether you like it or not.

Hector Noesi was dealing early on. He pitched great. He stayed tough when things got bad, and missed 14 bats in 99 pitches. He had his backdoor fastball working to lefties early on, and that was a sign that he was going to be successful. That pitch and a changeup away are going to be how he gets lefties out, if he ever starts to get lefties out consistently. Today is certainly no guarantee of future success, and he did allow a homerun to Yonder Alonso, but Noesi made a good start today.

Michael Saunders is hitting line drives all over the place. That’s all I have to say about Michael Saunders, his good hitting is getting boring.

Jesus Montero had three hits today, and that wasn’t the most impressive part of his day. Montero threw out two would-be base stealers. We had the #FreeJaso hashtag going for a while, I say we start running this one out:


Brandon League came in and the way that I personally knew that it was Brandon League Time was that he loaded the bases before he got an out. One was an intentional walk, but it was an intentional walk after a stolen base, after a hit, after a walk. Brandon League isn’t fixed. His strike out on Cameron Maybin was cool, but the 5-2-3 double play that ended the game was lucky.

This is what’s going to happen to the Mariners. Sometimes they’re going to look really good. Sometimes they’re going to look really bad. More often one side of the ball will look worse than the other, that’s why the average baseball team loses 81 games per season (sabermetrics at their finest). Baseball sucks sometimes. Tonight was one of those nights. It all gets better though, because Erasmo Ramirez starts tomorrow. Yay.