From NBA Finals to NBA Beginnings: Positivity Is Key As Thunder in Finals, and NBA Prospects in Seattle Begin

Oh, the good old days.

This is the toughest column I’ve ever had to write. I knew I would one day eventually have to write this but I thought it would take longer for this event to happen. The team we loved and cared for 41 years is now again in the NBA Finals, but this time in a different city with different colors.

Until recently I had a newspaper clipping on my fridge that was from the first year of the Thunder playing when they were truly a team rebuilding. It talks about how they fell short to Dallas and their record dropped to 2-22.  

The growing pains of that first season in Oklahoma City were plentiful for a while there I thought they may break old record for losses in an NBA Season. However the Thunder slightly improved through that year and never really challenged the old 76ers record of 9-73 in a season or the percentage of the Bobcats in the shortened season last year

I knew I would have to write about Oklahoma City being in the NBA Finals, but it only be after the Sonics had won a couple of more Championships right? We would have our history back and have a 3-0 lead on the Thunder for NBA Titles that would make these words I’m writing less painful.

Alas, I cannot delivery the news that way.

The Thunder are poised on the doorstep of a championship the only thing standing in their way is the team that everybody else (myself included) until a few days ago hated: the Miami Heat. I guess you could call me a prophet–I predicted that I would be cheering for LeBron at the end of the year to stop the Thunder–and here it is. The thing is I’ve alreadystarted to brace myself for the Thunder winning it all. After all the Thunder are favored and if by some chance the Heat do win what does that by us a year.

With the core group of Thunder players under 25 and the rest of the west getting older sooner rather than later the Thunder will win an NBA Championship that’s why I say to everyone reading this as painful as it may be put all current energies into getting a new team back.

The first step in this will be going to the SonicsArena Rally this Thursday the 14th in Occidental Park in Pioneer Square at 4 P.M. Chris Hansen , Shawn Kemp , Brian Robinson and many others will be there show their support. Stay positive, write your King County council members and Seattle city council members. Stay respectful, and this will help us on get a team back so we can start creating our own memories again. See you at the rally. I’ll be the guy in gold pants.