Mariners Lose, and Matt Mikolas Lets Me Back Into Town, Blame Him

I spent today working off the problem I created for myself last night at the oldest working Saloon in Washington, The Brick in Roslyn, and watched my girlfriend’s graduation in the tundra-like setting that was Ellensburg.

That was good news for me, because Matt Mikolas put out a decree that I wasn’t to return to the city until the Mariners gave up a hit, and I’d have followed it.


Jason Vargas missed some bats, he gave up some hits too. Clayton Kershaw gave up many less hits and miss far more bats. And Miguel fucking Olivo hit a homerun. I’m tired of that guy, and when he does good I feel like he gains back more of Eric Wedge’s trust than he deserves.

That said, Mikey has tomorrow’s game, and he’ll do way better than this half-ass job I’m doing for you today.


  • Anonymous

    Hey the Mighty Miguel saved the M’s from looking totally ridiculous.