Mariners Toss a No-Hitter, I’m out of Town

Kevin Millwood left with a groin strain, and I’m out of town and all the other NASORB writers are drunk or something, but he and five relievers combined for a no-hitter! Bosio! Bosio!

  • Anonymous

    Well that was the biggest surprise of this season, so far anyway, by a bunch!  Damn I would loved to have been there.  I’m betting that did big things for team and fan morale.  This is not the same bunch of losers we’ve been saddled with the past few years.  They are going to be lucky to finish over .500 but they are at least worth watching again.  I still hope they take any decent offer for Millwood, sell him while he’s hot!  I must admit he had more left in the tank than I expected.  It’s good to see one Jack Z’s reclamation projects pay off, he’s missed on a few.  Erasmo Ramirez pitched more no-hit innings (7) than Millwood and still lost 2-0 on 2 hits in Tacoma.  He needs to replace Millwood, Noesi or Beavan soonish.

    • Casey McLain

      One thing about reclamation projects, the price is usually right. If Millwood ends up on the DL I bet Erasmo does replace Beavan.