Seahawks Over-Compete, Lose two OTAs

While the Mariners are trying to recover from their sudden discovery of scoring that’s been afflicting them over the past week, the Seahawks — minus Chris Clemons, who seems to be taking part in the most passive-aggressive ‘holdout'(?) in NFL history — have been competing their little butts of during Organized Team Activities. Only it would seem their activities have exceeded the rules of the latest collective bargaining agreement, and they now face a penalty of losing two of the ten OTA sessions allowed under that agreement.

When the new CBA was signed last year, the NFLPA stipulated that off-season OTAs would not contain live contact, nor could there be more than ten of these sessions, which can last a maximum of two hours.

It’s all very mystic exactly how the violation, which is reported as being an infraction involving using live contact, was reported to the NFLPA. The general thinking would be that a player would be the person to complain to the union about a violation, but the activities themselves are voluntary.

As we wait for more details to come out about this two-day break the Seahawks will get from their OTAs, we can turn our attention back to the Mariners, who come home soon. Nothing puts the kabosh on winning baseball quite like coming home to Safeco, right?