Mariners Tie Series, Ichiro Goes Yard Twice

Today the Mariners beat the White Sox. After working on another project for most of the day I’m writing this while my girlfriend watches You’ve Got Mail. Ya, that movie. I watched part of the game throughout various alcohol serving venues that I attended, and I must say that I find Hector Noesi’s outing again to be troubling on one hand, and promising on the other.

Noesi missed 11 bats in 68 pitches. That’s quite impressive. When it comes with three homeruns it seems way less impressive, but that’s really impressive. The league average whiff rate is about nine percent. 11 bats in 68 pitches is more than 16 percent. Noesi also didn’t walk anyone, another step forward. Were his homeruns a product of bad luck? Of 20 mile per hour Chicago winds? I don’t know. They aren’t good. They may not be as bad as we could surmise from their raw total, but they aren’t good. He struck out five batters in 4.1 innings too.

Justin Smoak hit another homerun. Ichiro hit two fucking homeruns. Michael Saunders hit a ball 428 feet. I tend to believe that some of the homeruns had to do with the wind. I mean, Gordon Beckham hit two homeruns last night and one tonight. Gordon “I’ve been disappointing since my abbreviated MLB debut” Beckham has three homeruns this series.

John Jaso continues to be a very good baseball player. Since the day the Mariners traded for him I was saying that he’s a very good baseball player. His .200 ISO agrees with me. I have no idea why Miguel Olivo is still playing regularly for this team.

I am going to have a much better recap for tomorrow’s game. I will also have a nice second-web-project to show for all the neglecting I’ve done for these recaps. The Mariners won today though, and each guy that hit a homerun is a guy that has been disappointing at points this season. If Ichiro, Saunders, and Smoak are good the rest of the year, the Mariners will likely also be good.

  • Anonymous

    .500 is about the hope horizon for this crew and that will be a struggle, but they do seem to be showing some twitches of competency lately.  They are no longer the worst team in every offensive category, they are nearly average.  Ichiro seems to be on a mission to show Wedgie that he doesn’t have a clue on putting together a lineup.  Although I think that is pretty much public knowledge.  Seagar I believe has been underrated from the git go, they may be forced to rethink his role going forward.  It’s good to see Saunders and Smoak starting to get their acts together.  Of course they will no doubt now embark on another 17 game losing streak.