Roy Oswalt signs with the Rangers

The Mariners present opponent has signed a former All Star pitcher today by the name of Roy Oswalt. Oswalt has lost close to three miles-per-hour on his fastball but has remained effective, never posting an xFIP over four in his entire career.

Earlier this season I opined that the Mariners should sign Oswalt if he was willing. He presumably wasn’t, and that didn’t happen. However, he’s made the Rangers much better as a team that already has enough starters that they were able to bump Alexi Ogando from their rotation before the season started. A recent injury to Neftali Feliz seems to have pumped up the pressure on an Oswalt deal. Oswalt may not be an ideal fit for Texas, as he’s run a low career HR/FB ratio despite giving up a fair amount of fly balls, and Texas may not be ideal for Oswalt if Oswalt has plans on returning to baseball next year on a multi-year contract.

But whatever, Roy Oswalt is on the Mariners. And Roy Oswalt being on the Mariners makes the Mariners even less likely to win the division. They weren’t very likely to win it anyways, they’re a bad team. But they’ve got even less reason to push for contention as the season goes on. That’s good if you want to see the young guys. And really bad if you’re related to Chone Figgins, because you’ll be moving soon.

  • Anonymous

    The only thing consistent with this team is their inconsistency.  Z should hand out an “All offers considered” sign before the trade deadline.